Oost­hui­zen joins G­reen in en­du­ro li­ne-up

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Pep­s­on Plas­ti­cs Husq­var­na Ra­cing is he­a­ding to Port E­li­za­beth for the Ro­ver Win­ter­berg En­du­ro, the se­cond round of the 2018 MSA South A­fri­can Na­ti­o­nal En­du­ro Cham­pi­ons­hips on Sa­tur­day 28 A­pril.

Young gun Mat­thew G­reen will be joi­ned by 20-y­e­ar-old Wil­li­am Oost­hui­zen from Mos­sel Bay, who is re­pla­cing an in­ju­red Ta­ki Bo­gia­ges for his first ri­de for the te­am.

G­reen, Not­ting­ham Ro­ad’s SA Ju­ni­or Cham­pi­on, he­ads to Port E­li­za­beth in a po­si­ti­ve mood fol­lo­wing a strong de­but in the o­pen E1 class. “The first round was my first ti­me in the big class and I was qui­te hap­py with how it went,” Mat­thew said. “This is a le­ar­ning y­e­ar, but to ra­ce for Pep­s­on Plas­ti­cs Husq­var­na Ra­cing is a dre­am co­me true, so I’m look­ing for­ward to a so­lid step for­ward in PE and brin­ging the be­st re­sults ho­me for the te­am.”

Mos­sel Bay ri­der Wil­li­am Oost­hui­zen, who re­cent­ly mo­ved to the K­waZu­lu-Na­tal mid­lands to e­na­ble him to bet­ter train for his en­du­ro aims, was draf­ted in­to the te­am af­ter Bo­gia­ges in­ju­red his hand in a re­gi­o­nal ra­ce. “This is w­hat I’ve been wai­ting for,” a de­lig­h­ted Oost­hui­zen said. He now con­ti­nues to cha­se the E1 C­ham­pi­ons­hip on a Husq­var­na FE250. “My mo­ti­va­ti­on is through the roof - I just want to get ra­cing at the Win­ter­berg!”

Mul­ti­ple re­gi­o­nal en­du­ro cham­pi­on Oost­hui­zen took the E1 class win en rou­te to t­hi­rd o­ver­all at the Ro­bert­son se­a­son-o­pe­ner. He will al­so ri­de a Pep­s­on Plas­ti­cs Husq­var­na TE 300i in se­lected ex­tre­me en­du­ro e­vents through the y­e­ar, in ad­di­ti­on to the 2018 Roof of A­fri­ca.

“Pep­s­on Plas­ti­cs Husq­var­na Ra­cing has en­du­red a tough start to the 2018 MSA South A­fri­can En­du­ro C­ham­pi­ons­hip with in­ju­ries to our ri­ders,” said Husq­var­na Mo­tor­cy­cles South A­fri­ca brand ma­na­ger F­red Fens­ham. “We sig­ned Ta­ki Bo­gia­ges to re­pla­ce the in­ju­red B­rett S­wa­ne­poel and now Ta­ki is out for a w­hi­le too. That has al­lo­wed us to ma­ke a­not­her most ex­ci­ting sig­ning in Wil­li­am Oost­hui­zen, who now he­ads to the se­cond round al­ongs­i­de Mat­thew G­reen.”

Lo­cal lad Wil­li­am Oost­hui­zen.

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