Re­nault’s new ‘so­ci­al C­lim­ber’

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The success of Re­nault’s en­try-le­vel K­wid broug­ht us a be­spo­ke Li­mi­ted E­di­ti­on - the new Re­nault K­wid C­lim­ber. It has the de­sign and smart fe­a­tu­res of the Dy­n­a­mi­que, broug­ht to new heig­hts.

Re­nault’s new en­try seg­ment chal­len­ger

- the SUV-in­spi­red K­wid ha­t­chback - has re­de­fi­ned the vehi­cle mar­ket as can be seen by the mo­re than 11 000 vehi­cles sold sin­ce its in­tro­ducti­on in la­te 2016. March saw an ex­ten­si­on to the Re­nault K­wid ran­ge in the form of the AMT de­ri­va­ti­ve to com­ple­ment the cur­rent Ex­pres­si­on and Dy­n­a­mi­que ma­nu­al mo­dels. The fu­tu­re success of the K­wid AMT seems map­ped out, with this ver­si­on al­re­a­dy re­pre­sen­ting 24% of the sa­les mix.

As an in­no­va­ti­ve and af­for­da­ble en­try-le­vel vehi­cle, the new Re­nault K­wid o­ver­turns es­ta­blis­hed en­try seg­ment de­sign cu­es t­hanks to its ro­bust, sty­lish ex­te­ri­or plus a mo­dern and in­vi­ting in­te­ri­or e­quip­ped with ge­ne­rous ca­bin spa­ce, as well as fe­a­tu­res and fit­ments far a­he­ad of its class.

The new ha­t­chback was de­sig­ned to meet the needs of anyo­ne look­ing to buy an en­try­le­vel car, but al­so to ma­ke dri­ving sim­pler and sa­fer. With its ap­pe­a­ling de­sign and ar­ray of e­quip­ment, the ha­t­chback is a vi­a­ble of­fe­ring for t­ho­se wa­t­ching the poc­ket.


The success of the in­no­va­ti­ve and u­ni­que­ly sty­led en­try-le­vel K­wid has led to the de­ve­lop­ment of a be­spo­ke Li­mi­ted E­di­ti­on - the new Re­nault K­wid C­lim­ber - ta­king the ge­ne­tic de­sign and smarts of the Dy­n­a­mi­que trim le­vel to new heig­hts.

The C­lim­ber bo­as­ts en­han­ced de­sign by me­ans of an ex­te­ri­or sty­ling pack, which is su­re to at­tract ad­mi­ring looks in the E­lec­tric Blue or Pla­net G­rey ver­si­on.

The stri­king two-to­ne ex­te­ri­or is furt­her en­han­ced with K­wid C­lim­ber in­sig­nia, dis­tincti­ve pro­tecti­on clad­ding on the doors and rug­ged bum­per o­ver-ri­ders.

A­part from being a­est­he­ti­cal­ly ple­a­sing, the de­tailed bum­per pro­tec­tors are de­sig­ned to pro­tect the bum­pers’ cor­ners from scuffs and scra­pes.

For a true SUV look, ar­ching rails spor­ting o­ran­ge accents ha­ve been fit­ted on the roof. With the muscu­lar sty­le w­heels, the new K­wid ver­si­on gets a ro­bust, spor­tier ap­pe­al.


The Re­nault K­wid C­lim­ber is as stri­king in­si­de as out. It fe­a­tu­res s­trong pi­a­no black cen­t­re fas­cia with o­ran­ge con­tours and be­spo­ke C­lim­ber in­sig­nia on the he­a­dre­sts of the two­to­ne se­ats. The vi­brant o­ran­ge accents ex­tend to the door trims, si­de air vents, the two-to­ne ge­ar knob and spor­ty s­teer­ing w­heel with o­ran­ge per­fo­ra­ti­ons. It bo­as­ts a sur­pri­sing le­vel of ad­van­ced techno­lo­gy, in­clu­ding stan­dard air con­di­ti­o­ner, e­lec­tric front win­dows and on-bo­ard na­vi­ga­ti­on.

The con­fi­den­ce-in­spi­ring in­te­ri­or of­fers sty­le and practi­ca­li­ty, fe­a­tu­ring in­tui­ti­ve techno­lo­gy to en­s­u­re that dri­ver and pas­sen­gers stay con­nected, in­clu­ding a Me­di­aNav na­vi­ga­ti­on and mul­ti-me­dia sy­stem com­ple­te with lar­ge 18cm tou­chscreen dis­play, ra­dio and Blu­e­tooth con­necti­vi­ty.

The heig­ht-ad­jus­ta­ble front se­ats are ge­ne­rous­ly si­zed, of­fe­ring su­pe­ri­or com­fort whi­le the e­lec­tric po­wer s­teer­ing and on­e­touch la­ne chan­ge in­di­ca­tor ma­ke dri­ving e­a­sy.

E­lec­tric front win­dows add con­ve­nien­ce for the dri­ver and front pas­sen­ger, whi­le po­wer­ful air con­di­ti­o­ning with he­a­ter functi­o­na­li­ty en­su­res com­fort ir­re­specti­ve of the we­at­her.

All con­trols are within e­a­sy re­ach of the dri­ver. The o­pen stora­ge spa­ce fa­cing the front pas­sen­ger and the lo­wer glo­ve box (plus up­per glo­ve box in Dy­n­a­mi­que and Li­mi­ted E­di­ti­on C­lim­ber ver­si­ons) of­fer the dri­ver and pas­sen­ger in-door stora­ge spa­ce with a bott­le hol­der and re­ar par­cel tray for practi­cal and con­ve­nient sto­wa­ge.

The K­wid’s in­vi­ting in­te­ri­or is en­han­ced by its class-le­a­ding spa­ce that com­for­ta­bly se­ats fi­ve.

To mark its ex­clu­si­vi­ty, the un­con­ven­ti­o­nal­ly sty­led C­lim­ber will be a­vai­la­ble in very li­mi­ted num­bers, i­de­al for con­su­mers who ha­ve a sen­se of ad­ven­tu­re and as­pi­re to stand out from the cro­wd.


The K­wid C­lim­ber is ex­clu­si­ve­ly a­vai­la­ble with a ma­nu­al ge­ar­box, with a re­mar­ka­ble fu­el con­sump­ti­on of on­ly 4,7 lit­res per 100km and 4,4 lit­res per 100km with the AMT trans­mis­si­on.

The com­pact 1,0-lit­re, 3-cy­lin­der Smart Con­t­rol ef­fi­cien­cy (SCe) en­gi­ne po­we­ring K­wid mo­dels has been optimised for po­wer and per­for­man­ce and pro­du­ces peak po­wer of 50kW at 5 500rpm and max­i­mum tor­que of 91Nm at 4 250rpm.

D­ri­vers will en­joy its re­spon­si­ve­ness and dri­vea­bi­li­ty at low re­vs and wi­de tor­que band a­cross the re­vo­lu­ti­ons ran­ge.

Key fe­a­tu­res in­clu­de:

One of the lig­h­test en­gi­nes in the 1-lit­re ran­ge with a­lu­mi­ni­um cy­lin­der block and he­ad;

Low fricti­on de­sign: fe­a­tu­res in­clu­de s­teel f­or­ged cranks­haft with optimised be­a­ring di­men­si­ons;

S­tain­less s­teel c­lo­se cou­pled ca­ta­ly­tic con­ver­ter for quick warm-up and best e­mis­si­on and con­sump­ti­on ba­lan­ce;

F1-in­spi­red techno­lo­gy: dou­ble loop Lambda mo­ni­to­ring and e­lec­tri­cal con­trol­led thrott­le bo­dy for accu­ra­te air-to-fu­el ra­tio mo­ni­to­ring and knock sen­sor for au­to­ma­tic s­park ad­van­ce ad­jus­t­ment to fu­el qua­li­ty;

Optimised val­ve ti­ming for in­cre­a­sed ef­fi­cien­cy in or­der to a­chie­ve a flat­ter tor­que band;

One of the best po­wer-to-weig­ht ra­ti­os in its class.


As is stan­dard a­cross Re­nault’s en­ti­re pro­duct ran­ge, the Re­nault K­wid mo­del ran­ge co­mes with a fi­ve ye­ar or 150 000km me­cha­ni­cal war­ran­ty and a six ye­ar an­ti-cor­ro­si­on war­ran­ty. Ser­vi­ce is at 15 000km in­ter­vals. Op­ti­o­nal ser­vi­ce plans are a­vai­la­ble.

The K­wid mo­del ran­ge al­so cur­rent­ly of­fers one ye­ar com­pre­hen­si­ve in­su­ran­ce co­ver, to furt­her fa­ci­li­ta­te pe­a­ce of mind w­hen dri­ving.

Re­com­men­ded re­tail pri­cing: Re­nault K­wid Ex­pres­si­on 1,0 lit­re SCe - R127 900; Re­nault K­wid Dy­n­a­mi­que 1,0 lit­re SCe - R137 900; Re­nault K­wid Dy­n­a­mi­que AMT 1,0 lit­re SCe - R 147 900 and Re­nault K­wid C­lim­ber 1,0 lit­re SCe R148 900.

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