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Af­ter six ge­ne­ra­ti­ons of success in the mid-si­zed se­dan ca­te­go­ry, the new, se­venth ge­ne­ra­ti­on Lexus ES is f­or­ging a mo­re am­bi­ti­ous path.

Re­no­w­ned for its com­fort, re­fi­ne­ment and luxu­ry, the new ES builds on its strengt­hs with an all new chas­sis that al­lows for a mo­re dy­n­a­mic ex­te­ri­or de­sign and e­ven bet­ter dri­ving per­for­man­ce.

It is a furt­her ex­pres­si­on of Lexus’ de­sign di­recti­on and com­mit­ment to craf­ting vehi­cles that pro­vi­de mo­re ex­ci­te­ment and pas­si­on, hel­ping bring the brand’s vi­si­on to a wi­der au­dien­ce.

Tra­di­ti­o­nal buy­ers will find the new ES mo­re spa­ci­ous, qui­e­ter and sa­fer, whi­le a new ge­ne­ra­ti­on of cu­s­to­mers will be in­tro­du­ced to a se­dan with shar­pe­ned per­for­man­ce, class-le­a­ding sa­fe­ty techno­lo­gy and a le­vel of crafts­mans­hip ra­re­ly found in this mar­ket.

The new ge­ne­ra­ti­on ES is a true ex­am­ple of the new chap­ter in Lexus de­sign.

The mo­del ran­ge fe­a­tu­res the ES 300h, po­we­red by a new self-char­ging hy­brid sy­stem, ES 200, ES 250 and ES 350 pe­trol en­gi­ne. Lexus SA plans to in­tro­du­ce the all-new ES la­ter this y­e­ar.

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