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The lar­ge field of the Modified Saloon Car ca­te­go­ry dis­hed up dra­ma and ex­ci­te­ment. At any point the­re we­re no less than eig­ht con­ten­ders vying for this y­e­ar’s Modified Saloon Car King of the Hill tit­le.

A­mong the four-w­heel dri­ve chal­len­gers, reig­ning cham­pi­on Wil­helm Baard in the le­a­ding Nis­san GT-R had his sig­hts set on a thi­rd Hil­l­climb tit­le, going he­ad to he­ad with fel­low GT-R ri­vals E­drich Z­wiers, Quins­ley Sa­le, Mar­tin van Zum­me­ren, Dar­ron Gud­manz and Ky­le Mit­chell.

An­ton Cron­jé led the Ja­pa­ne­se as­sault with a wild Su­ba­ru Im­pre­za WRX STi, whi­le Fran­co di Mat­teo broug­ht sheer muscle to the fig­ht, cour­te­sy of his Ja­guar V8 Su­per­car ra­cer.

He­a­ding in­to the Class Fi­nal, Da­wie Jou­bert held the qua­li­fying ad­van­ta­ge, ha­ving dip­ped un­der the 40-se­cond bar­rier with a ti­me of 39,984 se­conds. Baard was bre­a­thing do­wn his neck a hund­redth of a se­cond a­drift. The next three ri­vals we­re C­harl Jou­bert, Di Mat­teo and Van Zum­me­ren, all un­der 41 se­conds.

Baard was ha­ving a tor­rid wee­kend, st­rug­gling with bra­king ba­lan­ce, al­re­a­dy ha­ving de­stroy­ed the GT-R’s ra­di­cal front split­ter. He had a wild spin at the top of the Si­mo­la Hill on Sa­tur­day. On Sun­day, he had to con­tend with a fi­re bre­a­king out in the GT-R, le­a­ding to mo­re e­mer­gen­cy re­pairs.

Reg­hard Roets (cen­t­re) e­ar­ned his se­cond King of the Hill tit­le in a row in the Ro­ad-going Saloon Cars and Su­per­cars ca­te­go­ry dri­ving his Nis­san GTR R35. Se­cond was Da­wie O­li­vier (left) in the ro­a­ring Ja­guar F-TYPE SVR, and thi­rd was I­zak S­pies in his...

P­ho­tos: Ya­seen Gaf­far

Wil­helm Baard (cen­t­re) won the Modified Saloon Cars ca­te­go­ry in his Nis­san GTR R35, whi­le two men, both dri­ving Lo­tu­ses, roun­ded out the top three. T­hey we­re C­harl Jou­bert (left) in se­cond pla­ce, and Da­wie Jou­bert in thi­rd.

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