Land Ro­ver ce­le­bra­tes 70 y­e­ars

HUE is the very first Land Ro­ver pro­toty­pe that was sho­wn at the Am­ster­dam Mo­tor S­how in 1948. It is a very short w­heel ba­se - an o­ri­gi­nal 80-inch Land Ro­ver with se­lec­ta­ble four w­heel dri­ve.

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Land Ro­ver be­gan as a u­ti­li­ty vehi­cle at the end of the Se­cond Wor­ld War and grew to be­co­me the wor­ld’s fa­vou­ri­te 4x4

Land Ro­ver mar­ked its 70th an­ni­ver­s­a­ry with a glo­bal bro­ad­cast ce­le­bra­ting the wor­ld’s fa­vou­ri­te 4x4s and the pe­op­le who lo­ve them. The bro­ad­cast star­red the cars and the pe­op­le who ma­ke and dri­ve them, paying tri­bu­te to se­ven de­ca­des of ad­ven­tu­re, hu­ma­ni­ta­ri­an aid and hard work a­cross clas­ses and cul­tu­res a­round the wor­ld.

The mi­les­to­ne birt­hday was ce­le­bra­ted with the da­te w­hen the first Land Ro­ver ma­de its de­but at the Am­ster­dam Mo­tor S­how in A­pril 1948. Land Ro­ver be­gan as a u­ti­li­ty vehi­cle at the end of the Se­cond Wor­ld War and grew to be­co­me the wor­ld’s fa­vou­ri­te 4x4, with mo­re than se­ven mil­li­on sold in se­ven de­ca­des.

Prof Ralf S­peth, Ja­guar Land Ro­ver CEO, said, “Land Ro­ver was born with the launch of a single vehi­cle. To­day our fa­mi­ly of SUVs is tes­ta­ment to the spi­rit of in­no­va­ti­on that has cha­rac­te­ri­sed Land Ro­ver for se­ven de­ca­des.

Our fa­mi­ly of De­fen­der, Dis­co­ve­ry and Ran­ge Ro­ver mo­dels pro­vi­des un­ri­val­led ca­pa­bi­li­ty, ver­sa­ti­li­ty and luxu­ry, gi­ving us the per­fect foun­da­ti­on for a­not­her 70 y­e­ars of success.

“Land Ro­ver is so much mo­re than the most ca­pa­ble all-ter­rain vehi­cles. It con­nects pe­op­le through a pas­si­on for ad­ven­tu­re and for ma­king mo­re of our wor­ld. From our em­ploy­ees to cu­s­to­mers and ent­hu­si­as­ts, this fa­mi­ly ma­kes Land Ro­ver spe­ci­al.”

A vehi­cle li­ne-up in­clu­ding HUE: the first pro­toty­pe Land Ro­ver, the o­ri­gi­nal two-door Ran­ge Ro­ver and the se­ven-se­a­ter Dis­co­ve­ry, as well as ex­pe­di­ti­on-pro­ven mo­dels from a­cross the de­ca­des, will share the sta­ge at the Land Ro­ver Clas­sic Works in Co­ven­try. The cur­rent ran­ge, in­clu­ding the sec­tor­de­fi­ning Ran­ge Ro­ver E­vo­que and Ve­lar SUVs, will al­so be fe­a­tu­red as Land Ro­ver ce­le­bra­tes its li­fe­long sta­tus as a fa­vou­ri­te of roy­al­ty, ce­le­bri­ties and po­li­ti­ci­ans.

The y­e­ar of 70th ce­le­bra­ti­ons in­clu­des the sho­wing of one of the vehi­cles from the start of the sto­ry. Land Ro­ver has re­no­va­ted the wor­ld’s most sig­ni­fi­cant un­re­sto­red mo­del – one of three pre­pro­ducti­on vehi­cles from the o­ri­gi­nal Am­ster­dam launch.

It will ta­ke the sta­ge al­ongs­i­de its clo­sest mo­dern re­la­ti­ve – an ex­clu­si­ve 405PS De­fen­der Works V8. On­ly 150 of the­se po­wer­ful 70th e­di­ti­on mo­dels will be pro­du­ced and e­ach of the spe­ci­al­ly en­gi­nee­red V8 de­ri­va­ti­ves will be built by Land Ro­ver Clas­sic’s te­am of ex­pert en­gi­neers.

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