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Ma­z­da SA has an­noun­ced the in­tro­ducti­on of the new Ma­z­da CX-5 In­di­vi­du­al 2,0-lit­re front w­heel dri­ve au­to­ma­tic de­ri­va­ti­ve to the 2018 Ma­z­da MCX-5 mo­del li­ne-up, brin­ging the to­tal mo­del ran­ge of­fe­ring to eig­ht de­ri­va­ti­ves. All of­fer po­wer­ful, li­ne­ar dri­ving and out­stan­ding en­vi­ron­men­tal per­for­man­ce.

The new de­ri­va­ti­ve co­mes with an ar­ray of en­han­ced fe­a­tu­res that in­clu­de dri­ver and pas­sen­ger 8-way po­wer ad­jus­ta­ble se­ats, 10 BOSE spea­kers, front and re­ar par­king sen­sors, he­ads-up dis­play (HUD) that re­flects on the windscreen, sa­tel­li­te na­vi­ga­ti­on and a po­wer­lift tail ga­te.

The 2,5-lit­re In­di­vi­du­al Au­to­ma­tic de­ri­va­ti­ve is now of­fe­red in all-w­heel dri­ve (AWD) with po­wer tilt and s­li­de roof. Ad­van­ced sa­fe­ty fe­a­tu­res on the In­di­vi­du­al and Die­sel de­ri­va­ti­ves in­clu­de la­ne de­par­tu­re war­ning sy­stem (LDWS), smart ci­ty bra­ke sup­port (SCBS), la­ne keep as­sist (LKA), la­ne de­par­tu­re war­ning (LDW), dri­ver at­ten­ti­on a­lert (DAA), a­dap­ti­ve LED he­ad­lamps and blind spot mo­ni­to­ring (BSM).

The Ma­z­da CX-5 ran­ge is de­sig­ned and built to the hig­hest stan­dard of per­for­man­ce and re­li­a­bi­li­ty. T­his stan­dard is bac­ked up by a 3-y­e­ar un­li­mi­ted ki­lo­me­t­re ser­vi­ce plan. To pro­vi­de com­ple­te pe­a­ce-of-mind motoring, a 3-y­e­ar fac­to­ry war­ran­ty, a 3-y­e­ar ro­ad­s­i­de as­sis­tan­ce and a 5-y­e­ar Cor­ro­si­on War­ran­ty are al­so in­clu­ded.

The ba­sic mo­del li­ne-up and pri­cing is as fol­lows: Ma­z­da CX-5 2,0-lit­re Acti­ve FWD Ma­nu­al - R386 600 and 2,0-lit­re Acti­ve FWD Au­to - R398 600. Se­ver­al ot­her op­ti­ons are a­vai­la­ble on both de­ri­va­ti­ves.

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