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Mo­dern clut­ches on ma­nu­al vehi­cles can last as long as a quar­ter of a mil­li­on ki­lo­me­tres, but e­ven­tu­al­ly the fricti­on ma­te­ri­al of the clutch will we­ar out. T­his hap­pens slo­w­ly and dri­vers of­ten don’t no­ti­ce the symp­toms, which can le­ad to ex­tra ge­ar­box we­ar.

Com­mon signs of clutch we­ar in­clu­de dif­fi­cul­ty eng­a­ging re­ver­se or se­cond ge­ar, as well as the ge­ar­box gra­ting w­hen the dri­ver chan­ges to hig­her ge­ars. The clutch mig­ht al­so be­gin to slip whi­le un­der high lo­ads. If the clutch has fai­led com­ple­te­ly, it mig­ht not be pos­si­ble to enga­ge first ge­ar at all with the en­gi­ne run­ning.

If you sus­pect the clutch mig­ht be we­a­ring out, ha­ve it chec­ked by a me­cha­nic, so that you a­void in­cur­ring se­con­da­ry ge­ar­box da­ma­ge by ha­ving to for­ce the vehi­cle in­to ge­ar.

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