Ja­guar ba­res its teeth with new e­di­ti­ons

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Ja­guar has laun­ched two spe­ci­al e­di­ti­ons as part of the 2019 mo­del y­e­ar XE sports se­dan li­ne-up.

The 300 S­port Spe­ci­al E­di­ti­on fe­a­tu­res Ja­guar Land Ro­ver's in­no­va­ti­ve 221kW, 2,0-lit­re four­cy­lin­der In­ge­ni­um pe­trol en­gi­ne and 300 S­port bran­ded black bra­ke cal­li­pers. With 400Nm of tor­que, the re­ar-w­heel dri­ve 300 S­port can acce­le­ra­te from 0 to 100km in just 5,7 se­conds, it is clai­med.

A­vai­la­ble in Yu­long W­hi­te, In­dus Sil­ver, San­to­ri­ni Black and Cal­de­ra Red, the 300 S­port fe­a­tu­res a se­lecti­on of en­han­ced ex­te­ri­or de­sign e­le­ments, in­clu­ding 300 S­port gril­le and boot lid bad­ge and a Dark Sa­tin G­rey fi­nish for the gril­le sur­round, si­de vents, si­de sills, mir­ror caps, boot spoi­ler and re­ar va­lan­ce, and 19" and 20" al­loys in Sa­tin Techni­cal G­rey fi­nish.

The in­te­ri­or fe­a­tu­res a host of dis­tincti­ve de­sign e­le­ments with 300 S­port bad­ging a­cross the front he­a­dre­sts, s­teer­ing w­heel, car­pet mats and tre­ad pla­tes and stri­king y­el­low con­trast stit­ching on the in­stru­ment pa­nel, door ca­sings, arm­rest, car­pet mats, s­teer­ing w­heel and se­ats.

The Land­mark E­di­ti­on is ba­sed on the ex­is­ting R-S­port with the ad­di­ti­on of u­ni­que 18" al­loy w­heels that set the new mo­del a­part.

The ex­te­ri­or fe­a­tu­res a S­port front bum­per, bo­dy-co­lou­red si­de sills and boot spoi­ler whi­le the si­de win­dow sur­rounds, door mir­ror caps, gril­le sur­round and si­de vents are all fi­nis­hed in Gloss Black al­ongs­i­de spe­ci­al Land­mark bad­ging on the si­de vents.

The new mo­del is a­vai­la­ble in a c­hoi­ce of three bold co­lours Yu­long W­hi­te, Fi­ren­ze Red and San­to­ri­ni Black - and al­so joins the 2019 mo­del y­e­ar li­ne-up.

In­si­de, the XE Land­mark E­di­ti­on al­so u­ses the R-S­port mo­del with its luxu­ri­ous le­at­her up­hol­ste­ry as a star­ting point, whi­le u­ni­que Land­mark-bran­ded tre­ad pla­tes i­den­ti­fy the spe­ci­al e­di­ti­on mo­del.

Cu­sto­mers be­ne­fit from the most po­pu­lar XE fe­a­tu­res, in­clu­ding sa­tel­li­te na­vi­ga­ti­on, xe­non he­ad­lig­hts and front and re­ar par­king sen­sors fit­ted as stan­dard. Ja­guar Land Ro­ver's ad­van­ced Touch Pro sy­stem with 10" cen­tral tou­chscreen is al­so stan­dard and pro­vi­des sim­ple and in­tui­ti­ve con­t­rol of the in­fo­tai­n­ment set­tings.

For the Land­mark E­di­ti­on cu­sto­mers will be a­ble to choo­se from Ja­guar's ad­van­ced, B­ri­tish-built In­ge­ni­um pe­trol and die­sel en­gi­nes, which de­li­ver an ex­cep­ti­o­nal com­bi­na­ti­on of per­for­man­ce, re­fi­ne­ment and ef­fi­cien­cy.

Ja­guar's sports se­dan has won 67 in­ter­na­ti­o­nal a­wards and was na­med the sa­fest lar­ge fa­mi­ly car by Eu­ro NCAP at the sa­fe­ty or­ga­ni­sa­ti­on's 2015 Best in Class a­wards.

The XE fe­a­tu­res the la­test sa­fe­ty techno­lo­gy with an ad­van­ced for­ward-fa­cing ste­reo ca­me­ra pro­vi­ding the foun­da­ti­on for its la­ne de­par­tu­re war­ning (LDW) and la­ne keep as­sist (LKA) sy­s­tems which help to re­du­ce dri­ver dis­tracti­ons and en­han­ce sa­fe­ty.

The XE 300 S­port and Land­mark e­di­ti­ons will be laun­ched in South A­fri­ca in Ju­ly.

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