Bad ad­vi­ce to young dri­vers

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I li­ved out in the coun­try with a lot of dirt ro­ads. Se­ver­al pe­op­le told me t­hat if you dro­ve a­cross the washbo­ard sur­fa­ce of a dirt ro­ad re­al­ly fast the ri­de would be smoot­her. They said the w­heels wouldn’t ha­ve e­nough ti­me to fall do­wn in­to the ruts.

C­le­ar­ly, t­he­se pe­op­le had wa­t­ched too ma­ny e­pi­so­des of TV-se­ries The Du­kes of Haz­zard.

Ho­we­ver, The Myt­hbus­ters con­fir­med t­hat in so­me ci­r­cum­stan­ces, you get a smoot­her ri­de by going so­mew­hat fas­ter o­ver a washbo­ard ro­ad.

My un­cle told me t­hat you we­re sup­po­sed to “ups­hift” w­hen you pull out to pass on a highway. T­his is the sa­me un­cle who sold me his old 1988 Ma­z­da B2200 with a 5-speed and three cy­lin­ders with o­pe­ra­ti­o­nal com­pres­si­on. I al­most died.

I as­ked my aunt w­hat would hap­pen if she cho­se the wrong ge­ar. She told me the car would ex­plo­de. Not “s­pun a rod” ex­plo­de, but the Hin­den­burg on the 405 ex­plo­de.

It’s a nag­ging fe­ar t­hat has stuck with me sin­ce.

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