S­ty­lish C­har­li­ze choo­ses ‘g­reen’ Lexus

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South A­fri­can Os­car-win­ning actress C­har­li­ze T­heron cho­se a Lexus RX Hy­brid of just a tad un­der R700 000 as the ri­de of her c­hoi­ce. The hy­brid shows t­hat she ca­res a­bout the en­vi­ron­ment and the p­ri­ce tag is a­not­her ex­am­ple to ma­ny of her peers. The black car is not o­ver the top with ad­van­ced techno­lo­gy and would at­tract re­a­so­na­ble in­su­ran­ce pre­mi­ums - p­roof t­hat “our gi­rl” still has her feet firm­ly on the ground. She al­so o­wns ot­her vehi­cles in­clu­ding a BMW X5, a Toyo­ta P­ri­us and a Ran­ge Ro­ver. In­te­res­tingly, all the cars are black, so we gu­ess the­re is a full-ti­me car wash gu­ru on du­ty.

Sour­ce: Daily Mail

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