How to a­void a he­ad-on col­li­si­on

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W­hat do you do w­hen a car is dri­ving to­wards you or an a­ni­mal jumps out in front of you? Fol­low t­he­se tips:

If it’s a car he­a­ding to­wards you, the dri­ver mig­ht be a­sleep or dis­trac­ted, so hoot your horn and flash your he­ad­lig­hts to a­lert them.

Don’t bra­ke hard, swer­ve to the ot­her si­de of the ro­ad or lo­se con­t­rol by jer­king off the ro­ad.

It is bet­ter to slow do­wn and s­teer your vehi­cle to the left shoul­der of the ro­ad. P­re­pa­re for so­meo­ne pos­si­bly ram­ming you from be­hind.

If you ha­ve to go off the ro­ad, aim for so­me­thing t­hat will cau­se the le­ast pos­si­ble da­ma­ge.

Your se­at belt works the be­st if you stay u­prig­ht, so don’t duck for­ward or try to get in­to the bra­ce po­si­ti­on.

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