How to con­si­der ex­tras w­hen buying a car

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Per­haps fi­nan­cing a car’s ex­tras is a di­lem­ma that ha­sn’t hit you yet, or may­be the op­ti­ons was not con­si­de­red w­hen shop­ping for a set of w­heels.

This de­ci­si­on can on­ly be ma­de if buying a new car, which mig­ht be sold la­ter, or if you’re buying a pre-o­w­ned car.

The lat­ter ma­kes fit­ting ex­tras a bit mo­re dif­fi­cult be­cau­se the car may ha­ve to be sent to a fac­to­ry to ha­ve op­ti­o­nal ex­tras ad­ded. This dras­ti­cal­ly in­cre­a­ses the pri­ce of a pre-o­w­ned pur­cha­se. So the for­mer op­ti­on is the best to ha­ve ex­tras ad­ded.

It’s im­por­tant to know which op­ti­o­nal ex­tras to choo­se. Too ma­ny mig­ht a­lie­na­te po­ten­ti­al fu­tu­re buy­ers be­cau­se of the car’s ‘one-of-a­kind’ spe­cs. Too few and the pri­ce mig­ht be di­sap­poin­ting.

So which ex­tras are best fit­ted on a new car? Su­zu­ki pro­vi­des a few sug­ges­ti­on to re­a­ders.

The best op­ti­ons are tho­se that im­pro­ve d­ri­ver com­fort and con­ve­nien­ce. The two ma­jor com­fort op­ti­ons that add gre­at re­sa­le va­lue are a sun­roof and au­to­ma­tic trans­mis­si­on.

E­ven though most dri­vers agree that they don’t com­mon­ly use the sun­roof, ne­ar­ly all shop­pers li­ke it - es­pe­ci­al­ly on high-end ver­si­ons. Un­less a car is a hig­hper­for­man­ce sports car, an au­to­ma­tic trans­mis­si­on will al­so add va­lue.

A­ny­thing that im­pro­ves per­for­man­ce can in­cre­a­se re­sa­le va­lue. That’s be­cau­se car lo­vers are of­ten wil­ling to pay ex­tra for a high-po­we­red mo­del, w­het­her it’s new or u­sed. So choo­sing a high-po­we­red en­gi­ne can of­ten e­arn a gre­at de­al of mo­ney back on a pur­cha­se. It’s im­por­tant to re­mem­ber that this ge­ne­ral­ly ap­plies to per­for­man­ce cars. Op­ting for a six-cy­lin­der en­gi­ne on a smal­ler en­gi­ne is un­li­ke­ly to ha­ve the sa­me ef­fect.

This doe­sn’t me­an spoi­lers or sports kits, which in most ca­ses do al­most no­thing for the car’s re­sa­le va­lue. Ho­we­ver, if you are look­ing to pay for a sty­lish ex­tra that will be­ne­fit you, con­si­der al­loy w­heels. The­se can ha­ve a hu­ge ef­fect on a u­sed car’s pri­ce, as ma­ny u­sed-car shop­pers are wil­ling to pay mo­re for a vehi­cle that looks mo­re ex­pen­si­ve t­hanks to shiny rims.

This is one ca­te­go­ry one would think would boost a car’s re­sa­le va­lue, but it’s not ne­ces­sa­ri­ly true.

Techno­lo­gy keeps e­vol­ving and this of­ten end up being y­e­ster­day’s news as soon as the car is dri­ven out of the lot. To ma­ke mat­ters wor­se, the ad­vent of GPS’ on mo­bi­le de­vi­ces has ma­de on-bo­ard sa­tel­li­te na­vi­ga­ti­on an un­ne­ces­sa­ry ex­pen­se.

The­se i­tems can add re­al va­lue to a car’s re­sa­le va­lue. It may be hard to pre­dict which sa­fe­ty i­tems are the on­es to choo­se for which car. Se­lecting fe­a­tu­res for one’s own pe­a­ce of mind would be a bet­ter op­ti­on. If you end up get­ting so­me mo­ney back w­hen sel­ling then that’s a ni­ce bo­nus.

Whi­le acces­so­ries can ma­ke your car stand out from the cro­wd, you may need to ba­lan­ce u­ni­que­ness with fu­tu­re re­sa­le va­lue.

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