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The Re­nault San­dero S­tep­way Plus looks con­fi­dent and re­a­dy to go. It is al­so a win­ner in the an­nu­al parts pri­cing sur­vey which keeps cost of o­w­ners­hip do­wn.

The Re­nault San­dero S­tep­way Plus of­fers the ap­pe­a­ling DNA of the San­dero mo­del plus mo­re – an en­han­ced SUV look and an e­ven mo­re va­lue for mo­ney pro­duct.

The ex­te­ri­or of the S­tep­way Plus is dis­tin­guis­hed through its be­spo­ke de­sign and spe­ci­fic two-to­ne, 16” flex w­heel co­vers. This li­mi­ted e­di­ti­on of­fers the sa­me le­vel of en­ri­ched stan­dard fe­a­tu­res as the out­going Dy­n­a­mi­que trim – si­de ai­r­bags, front and re­ar po­wer win­dows, e­lec­tric si­de mir­rors, le­at­her s­teer­ing w­heel and ge­ar knob and re­ar park as­sist.

Crui­se con­t­rol and na­vi­ga­ti­on are al­so stan­dard which is the on­ly ver­si­on of­fe­ring this in the seg­ment), whi­le le­at­her se­ats are an op­ti­on.

The Re­nault Me­di­aNav is in­te­gra­ted with the on-bo­ard mul­ti­me­dia sy­stem with its se­ven-inch tou­ch screen. An in­tui­ti­ve sy­stem of­fers quick access to all set­tings. The Plus va­ri­ant al­so bo­as­ts re­ar par­king ca­me­ra to al­le­vi­a­te blind spots in re­ver­se mo­de.


The en­han­ced S­tep­way Plus re­mains true to the va­lue-for-mo­ney pro­duct ran­ge. From the out­set, San­dero has ra­ted highly with re­gard to parts pri­cing and ser­vi­cing cos­ts, in par­ti­cu­lar, sin­ce its in­tro­ducti­on to the lo­cal mar­ket.

In October 2009, just eig­ht mont­hs af­ter being laun­ched, the Re­nault San­dero 1,6 swept the bo­ard in the B vehi­cle seg­ment of Mal­colm Kin­sey’s an­nu­al Parts Pri­cing Sur­vey with com­pa­ra­ti­ve parts pri­cing on com­pe­ti­tors’ mo­dels pro­ven to be be­t­ween 61% and 188% mo­re ex­pen­si­ve.

Kin­sey’s 2010 re­port na­med Re­nault San­dero South A­fri­ca’s most af­for­da­ble car. In the highly con­te­sted un­der R120 000 en­try le­vel pas­sen­ger car ca­te­go­ry, the San­dero 1,4

Au­then­ti­que ha­t­chback was pit­ted a­gainst eig­ht com­pe­ti­tor mo­dels and pro­ved to be well a­he­ad on parts pri­cing.

In ac­cor­dan­ce with the 2016 Mal­colm Kin­sey fin­dings, Re­nault San­dero con­ti­nues to ta­ke the le­ad a­he­ad of its peers on ser­vi­cing parts pri­cing.


Re­com­men­ded re­tail pri­cing is as fol­lows: San­dero Ex­pres­si­on - R171 900 66kW Tur­bo; Re­nault S­tep­way Ex­pres­si­on - R186 900 66kW Tur­bo; Re­nault S­tep­way Plus - R206 900.

The San­dero and New S­tep­way Plus co­mes with Re­nault’s fi­ve y­e­ar or 150 000km war­ran­ty to­get­her with a stan­dard two y­e­ar or 30 000km ser­vi­ce plan. Ser­vi­ce in­ter­vals are e­very 15 000km. Re­nault’s Gau­teng-ba­sed parts dis­tri­bu­ti­on cen­t­re en­su­res that parts a­vai­la­bi­li­ty is run­ning at 95% plus.

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