JP Lu­bri­cants for qua­li­ty and pri­ce ad­van­ta­ge

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JP Lu­bri­cants is the new i­ni­ti­a­ti­ve by JP S­pa­res, the well-kno­wn sup­plier of all t­hings au­to­mo­ti­ve in Ge­or­ge.

Their pre­mi­ses is lo­ca­ted on York S­treet which is close to the in­dus­tri­al a­rea w­he­re they aim to ser­ve vehi­cle fleets, au­to­mo­ti­ve works­hops and in­dus­tri­al cu­s­to­mers.

“The quan­ti­ties in which the lu­bri­cants are available, will suit all dif­fe­rent cu­s­to­mers. Due to our keen pri­cing, quick re­spon­se and de­li­very as well as top qua­li­ty, we sup­ply cu­s­to­mers throug­hout the w­ho­le Sout­hern Ca­pe as well as furt­her a­field as far as Kemp­ton Park,” says o­w­ner F­re­de­rick de S­wardt.

“In fact I am con­fi­dent in saying that our cu­s­to­mers would not find qua­li­ty oil and lu­bri­cants che­a­per a­ny­w­he­re - not e­ven in Ca­pe To­wn.” JP S­pa­res was star­ted in 1988 and the com­pa­ny has sin­ce be­co­me the go-to sup­plier for vir­tu­al­ly any com­po­nent, part or acces­so­ry for mo­tor cars, bak­kies, lig­ht and he­a­vy com­mer­ci­al vehi­cles.

“T­hanks to ha­ving a­not­her branch in P­let­ten­berg Bay, we can help with al­most any que­ry speedi­ly pro­vi­ded the part or pro­duct is available,” says De S­wardt.

“We al­so ha­ve a re­gu­lar de­li­very sche­du­le throug­hout the Sout­hern Ca­pe and can al­so ar­ran­ge to de­li­ver to towns out­si­de the a­rea.”

JP Lu­bri­cants is at 8 York S­treet and can be con­tacted on 044 873 5318, Reg­hardt on 061 479 8784 or F­re­de­rick on 081 490 0058.

From left: Reg­hardt S­choltz, Lou­is Dam­pies, F­re­de­rick de S­wardt and Chris Por­ter are re­a­dy to be of ser­vi­ce.

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