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W­hen at le­ast half the wor­ld be­lie­ves that you are the be­st soccer play­er e­ver, you re­ser­ve the rig­ht to de­ci­de your fa­vou­ri­te co­lour. Mes­si’s choi­ce for his cars is whi­te (w­hich we ha­ve to be­lie­ve is not a sup­pres­sed wish to sign for Re­al Ma­drid.) The s­tar o­wns two whi­te Au­di cars - an Au­di Q7 and Au­di Q8. Whi­te is al­so his choi­ce for the la­test in­ves­t­ment in a Ma­se­ra­ti Gran Tu­ris­mo MC S­tra­da­le. With 335kW and a top speed of 300km, t­his is a dri­ver you do not want to “mess with” on the ro­ad!

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