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A Ni­ge­ri­an man cau­sed a stir on so­ci­al me­dia w­hen he ap­pa­rent­ly bu­ried his fat­her in a brand­new BMW inste­ad of a cof­fin in or­der to see him off in sty­le.

Pic­tu­res of the ce­re­mo­ny went vi­ral on so­ci­al me­dia as pall be­a­rers re­por­ted­ly gui­ded the car do­wn logs in­to po­si­ti­on. The logs we­re then pul­led out to al­low the BMW to drop.

Ni­ge­ria News To­day re­por­ted that the man, i­den­ti­fied on­ly as A­zu­bui­ke, cho­se the luxu­ry Ger­man car o­ver the tra­di­ti­o­nal cof­fin as a way to ho­nour his la­te fat­her.

He had ap­pa­rent­ly pro­mi­sed his dad a new car, but ran out of ti­me and de­ci­ded to try and ma­ke it up be­la­ted­ly.

Not all so­ci­al me­dia u­sers we­re con­vin­ced though. On Facebook, so­me pe­op­le com­men­ted a­bout how was­te­ful the fu­ne­ral was, whi­le ot­hers thoug­ht the car would not stay in the gra­ve for very long.

It is not the first such re­port from Ni­ge­ria. In Au­gust 2015, it was re­por­ted that a Ni­ge­ri­an bil­li­o­nai­re ba­sed in E­nu­gu bu­ried his mot­her in her fa­vou­ri­te Hum­mer.

Ka­te Hud­son sets an ex­am­ple with her en­vi­ron­men­tal­ly friend­ly car. She is one of the first top actres­ses to em­bra­ce the Te­sla Mo­del S. Hud­son was re­cent­ly spot­ted in the car with her ex-fi­an­cé Mat­thew Bel­la­my, with w­hom she has a child.

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The pal­l­be­a­rers lo­wer the brand-new BMW in­to the gra­ve as the fa­mi­ly say their fi­nal good­bye to the pa­tri­arch.

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