Hon­da sup­plier to Red Bull Ra­cing

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Hon­da and the Red Bull Group ha­ve sig­ned an agreement w­he­re­by they will en­ter in­to a part­ners­hip for Hon­da to sup­ply the po­wer u­nits for two y­e­ars from the start of the 2019 FIA For­mu­la One Wor­ld C­ham­pi­ons­hip. This will be in ad­di­ti­on to its cur­rent agreement with Red Bull S­cu­de­ria Toro Ros­so. The two Red Bull-o­w­ned te­ams will run i­den­ti­cal spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­on Hon­da Po­wer U­nits.

“Ha­ving es­ta­blis­hed a good re­la­ti­ons­hip with S­cu­de­ria Toro Ros­so, we ha­ve de­ci­ded to ex­tend our For­mu­la One in­vol­vement to the ot­her te­am in the Red Bull fa­mi­ly, Aston Martin Red Bull Ra­cing, from the 2019 se­a­son,” said Ta­ka­hi­ro Ha­chi­go, pre­si­dent of the Hon­da Mo­tor Com­pa­ny.

“Ha­ving two te­ams me­ans we can access twi­ce as much da­ta as pre­vi­ous­ly. We be­lie­ve that wor­king with both Toro Ros­so and Red Bull Ra­cing will al­low us to get clo­ser to our go­al of win­ning ra­ces and cham­pi­ons­hips, buil­ding two s­trong part­ners­hips. Dis­cus­si­ons pro­cee­ded very quick­ly, thanks to Red Bull’s o­pen and re­spect­ful at­ti­tu­de to­wards Hon­da, le­a­ding to a de­al that is fair and e­quit­a­ble for all par­ties.”

Hel­mut Mar­ko, Red Bull mo­tor­sport ad­vis­or, said the part­ners­hip with Hon­da sig­nals a new era for Red Bull Group in For­mu­la One with both the Toro Ros­so and Red Bull Ra­cing te­ams be­ne­fi­ting from sup­plies coor­di­na­ted through Red Bull Techno­lo­gy. Red Bull said it was im­pres­sed by Hon­da’s com­mit­ment and pro­gress and the com­pa­nies share the am­bi­ti­on to com­pe­te.

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