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Of­fe­ring a new choi­ce for young cu­s­to­mers in South A­fri­ca who want to be dif­fe­rent, Dat­sun is in­tro­du­cing a new ver­si­on of the Dat­sun GO ha­t­chback in a li­mi­ted e­di­ti­on.

The Dat­sun GO S­pe­ci­al Ver­si­on is a­vai­la­ble in w­hi­te and sil­ver ex­te­ri­or co­lours with blue and sil­ver graphi­cs a­cross the bon­net, roof and si­de pa­nels. Co­lour-co­ded door hand­les, mud flaps and an exhaust fi­nis­her are a­mong the ot­her fe­a­tu­res that stand out.

Ba­sed on the Dat­sun GO Lux, the S­pe­ci­al Ver­si­on of­fers con­necti­vi­ty through Blu­e­tooth, AUX in­put and USB. De­sign-wi­se, t­he­re are sil­ver accents on the ba­se of the ge­ar shif­ter and the in­stru­ment clus­ters, and t­he­re is al­so a re­ar par­cel shelf.

The sub­t­le chan­ges in sty­ling ma­ke a sig­ni­fi­cant dif­fe­ren­ce, gi­ving the car an ed­gy ap­pea­ran­ce. “The Dat­sun GO is an es­ta­blis­hed ha­t­chback that South A­fri­cans lo­ve,” said Des Fen­ner, ge­ne­ral ma­na­ger of Dat­sun South A­fri­ca. “It’s at­tracti­ve­ly pri­ced and has gre­at fe­a­tu­res. Now, we al­so ha­ve a ver­si­on with u­ni­que e­le­ments to ma­ke the dri­ver stand out from the cro­wd. It’s a so­lid car and in a short ti­me, it has pro­ven it­self to be a worthy con­ten­der in the A seg­ment.”

The Dat­sun GO S­pe­ci­al Ver­si­on cos­ts R135 999 and co­mes with a three y­e­ar or 100 000km war­ran­ty.

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