Vol­vo re­ports best e­ver first-half sa­les

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Vol­vo Cars has re­por­ted re­cord sa­les for the first half of 2018, with 317 639 cars, which is an in­cre­a­se of 14,4% com­pa­red to the sa­me pe­ri­od last ye­ar.

The ro­bust first-half per­for­man­ce puts the com­pa­ny on cour­se to re­port a­not­her ye­ar of re­cord sa­les. Vol­vo Cars re­por­ted sa­les of 571 577 cars in 2017.

All the key re­gi­ons of the US, C­hi­na and Eu­ro­pe re­por­ted ste­a­dy gro­wth du­ring the past six mont­hs.

The US grew 39,6% on the back of the be­st­sel­ling XC60 and XC90.

C­hi­na, Vol­vo Cars’ lar­ge­st sin­gle mar­ket, grew by 18,4% due to strong de­mand for the XC60 and S90. Sa­les hit 61 480 com­pa­red to 51 914 in the cor­re­spon­ding pe­ri­od last ye­ar.

Eu­ro­pe re­por­ted a so­lid 5,7% gro­wth in the first half, dri­ven by de­mand for the new XC60, the 90 Se­ries cars and the new XC40 small SUV.

Glo­bal­ly, the new Vol­vo XC60 con­ti­nu­ed to be the best-sel­ling mo­del in the first half of the ye­ar with 88 786 u­nits sold, fol­lo­wed by the XC90 with to­tal sa­les at 47 658 u­nits and the Vol­vo V40 and V40 Cross Coun­try at 41 588 u­nits. Du­ring the first half, the S90 ge­ne­ra­ted sa­les vo­lu­mes of 30 977 u­nits.

The po­pu­la­ri­ty of the XC40 con­ti­nu­ed du­ring the pe­ri­od with the com­pact SUV re­cor­ding to­tal vo­lu­mes of 23 741 u­nits in the first six mont­hs.

Vol­vo Car South A­fri­ca (VCSA) has sho­wn a si­mi­lar t­rend with a 13,7% in­cre­a­se for the first half of 2018 com­pa­red to the first half of 2017.

G­reg Ma­ruszew­ski, MD Vol­vo Car South A­fri­ca, says that lo­cal­ly, Vol­vo is on a strong gro­wth cur­ve. “Our sa­les fi­gu­res in Ju­ne t­his ye­ar are al­most dou­ble that of Ju­ne 2017. With an ex­cel­lent pro­duct li­ne-up, im­pro­ving de­a­ler net­work, of­fers such as gua­ran­teed buy-back and our own very com­pe­ti­ti­ve in­su­ran­ce and ren­tals plans, we’re of­fe­ring SA buy­ers the va­lue and qua­li­ty t­hey ex­pect from a luxu­ry brand. Our 13,7% in­cre­a­se so far t­his ye­ar is a re­flecti­on of that.”

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