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Much of the he­at of com­bus­ti­on in your vehi­cle’s en­gi­ne must be dis­si­pa­ted by the cool­ing sy­stem.

To pre­vent your­self from being stran­ded with o­ver­he­a­ting trou­ble, en­s­u­re that the ra­di­a­tor wa­ter is cle­an and has the cor­rect a­mount of an­tif­ree­ze in it. An­ti-free­ze al­so acts as sum­mer cool­ant to in­cre­a­se the cool­ing sy­stem’s ef­fi­cien­cy.

En­s­u­re the ra­di­a­tor is cor­rect­ly fil­led and isn’t bloc­ked or le­a­king.

Al­so check the cool­ing sy­stem ho­ses from ti­me to ti­me - they should be firm and re­si­lient.

If they col­lap­se e­a­si­ly or crackle w­hen you squee­ze them, they may be c­lo­se to fai­lu­re. If your vehi­cle u­nex­pected­ly o­ver­he­ats in traf­fic, the e­lec­tric cool­ing fan may ha­ve fai­led, or the fu­se mig­ht ha­ve blo­wn.

Ask your me­cha­nic to chan­ge the en­gi­ne’s wa­ter pump at the re­qui­red in­ter­vals, to en­s­u­re the cool­ant can ci­r­cu­la­te ef­fecti­ve­ly.

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