Bat­te­ry-po­we­red Bul­ga­ri­an Bat­mo­bi­le

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The 5,221-horse­po­wer, 303-mph, all-e­lec­tric A­lie­no Ar­ca­num is a Bul­ga­ri­an-de­sig­ned su­per­car that aims to bre­ak the mould re­gar­ding po­wer and per­for­man­ce. The com­pa­ny sta­tes that they are u­sing “a­lien and spa­ce age” techno­lo­gy that will me­an a new ben­ch­mark for e­lec­tric per­for­man­ce cars.

T­his is A­lie­no’s ve­ry first car, and the com­pa­ny says it will in­stant­ly be­co­me the fas­test, most po­wer­ful and most techno­lo­gi­cal­ly ad­van­ced pro­ducti­on car on the pla­net.

The Ar­ca­num will co­me in four mo­dels, from the in­cre­di­ble 2 610kW RP2 (RP is Raw Po­wer), all the way up to the e­ven mo­re in­cre­di­ble RP5, which smas­hes out 3 893kW and 8 880Nm.

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