Sa­fe­ty w­hen tur­ning

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Ma­ny South A­fri­cans ha­ve low-speed scra­pes whi­le tur­ning left or rig­ht in mul­ti­ple la­ne ro­ads.

The­se bumps are ra­re­ly li­fe-thre­a­tening, but can do con­si­de­ra­ble da­ma­ge. If you ha­ve to turn at an in­ter­secti­on and you’re in two or mo­re rows of traf­fic, keep an eye on the blind spots as you turn.

This will help you no­ti­ce dri­vers who are drif­ting out of their la­ne and e­na­ble you to bra­ke or swer­ve in ti­me. Be es­pe­ci­al­ly cau­ti­ous a­round he­a­vy vehi­cles with lar­ge blind a­re­as or pa­nel vans w­he­re the dri­ver can’t see w­hat’s next to him.

Use your hoo­t­er po­li­te­ly as a war­ning de­vi­ce if you’re un­cer­tain w­het­her ot­hers ha­ve seen you whi­le tur­ning.

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