Au­di and Volks­wa­gen ser­vi­ce per­for­man­ces re­cog­ni­sed

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The Au­di and Volks­wa­gen brands ha­ve a­gain ta­ken top po­si­ti­ons in the la­test au­to­mo­ti­ve cu­s­to­mer ca­re sur­vey con­ducted by Ip­sos in South A­fri­ca. T­his re­se­arch, ba­sed on in­ter­views with mo­re than 20 000 cu­sto­mers in 2017, co­ve­r­ed both pur­cha­sing and ser­vi­cing ex­pe­rien­ces.

The re­se­arch con­ducted by Ip­sos is a tool with which to me­a­su­re cu­s­to­mer ser­vi­ce in the au­to­mo­ti­ve mar­ket in South A­fri­ca. To sup­port the cre­di­bi­li­ty of the re­se­arch, the sam­ple of par­ti­ci­pa­ting brands in the la­test sur­vey re­pre­sen­ted mo­re than three out of e­very four new cars and lig­ht com­mer­ci­al vehi­cles sold through de­a­lers­hip chan­nels in 2017. Al­so, the re­se­arch re­sults ha­ve been con­sis­tent from y­e­ar to y­e­ar.

The Volks­wa­gen Group South A­fri­ca (VWSA) a­gain a­chie­ved out­stan­ding re­sults in the sur­vey de­spi­te tough mar­ket con­di­ti­ons.

“VWSA is ex­tre­me­ly proud of its re­sults in the re­cent Ip­sos sur­vey. We would li­ke to thank the Au­di and Volks­wa­gen de­a­ler net­works for their e­nor­mous ef­forts in con­sis­tent­ly a­chie­ving t­his out­stan­ding le­vel of ser­vi­ce,” said S­te­fan Me­cha, sa­les and mar­ke­ting di­rec­tor.

Both brands ha­ve been in le­a­ders­hip po­si­ti­ons in the pur­cha­sing ex­pe­rien­ce in the an­nu­al Ip­sos sur­veys for a num­ber of y­e­ars. In the la­test sur­vey, Au­di and Volks­wa­gen both re­cei­ved gold a­wards for the cu­s­to­mer pur­cha­sing ex­pe­rien­ce, with Volks­wa­gen al­so col­lecting gold in the lig­ht com­mer­ci­al vehi­cles (LCV) sa­les ca­te­go­ry.

Au­di has gar­ne­red a gold a­ward in the ser­vi­cing ex­pe­rien­ce for the past four y­e­ars, whi­le Volks­wa­gen has had a gold ra­ting for both pas­sen­ger car and LCV ser­vi­cing for the past two y­e­ars.

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