Co­lour ma­kes the car - but don’t be too bold

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It’s e­a­sy to get car­ried a­way with a­est­he­ti­cs w­hen choo­sing a new car, but buying your next vehi­cle in your fa­vou­ri­te co­lour could le­a­ve you with buy­er’s re­mor­se.

T­his is ac­cor­ding to Co­lin Mor­gan, di­rec­tor at u­sed car re­tailer ge­t­Worth, who says that cars are e­qual parts e­mo­ti­on and practi­ca­li­ty.

“If it will ma­ke a re­al dif­fe­ren­ce to your en­joy­ment of the car and you’re going to own it a whi­le, then you should go with the op­ti­on that ma­kes you hap­py.”

Ho­we­ver, he points out that you should buy with your ey­es o­pen and con­si­der the fol­lo­wing be­fo­re sig­ning on the dot­ted li­ne:

Main­te­nan­ce and ap­pea­ran­ce

Whi­te and sil­ver are mo­re f­or­gi­ving than ot­her co­lours. T­hey don’t show dust and mi­croscra­t­ches to the sa­me ex­tent dar­ker to­nes do. The­re’s al­so less wa­shing, less po­lis­hing and less f­a­ding. In wet we­at­her, though, ro­ad dirt and mud show up mo­re a­gainst the lig­h­ter co­lours.


Lig­h­ter co­lours are sta­tis­ti­cal­ly sa­fer be­cau­se t­hey stand out bet­ter a­gainst the ro­ad, sce­ne­ry and ot­her traf­fic.

Cost and a­vai­la­bi­li­ty

Me­tal­lic paint on new cars of­ten cos­ts ex­tra. If you’re very par­ti­cu­lar a­bout co­lour w­hen buying, you li­mit your op­ti­ons and mig­ht end up paying mo­re than for a com­pa­ra­ble neu­tral co­lour.


Ma­t­ching and blen­ding of co­lours by a pa­nel be­a­ter ta­kes a hig­her le­vel of ca­re and skill than a u­ni­form whi­te or sil­ver. Exo­tic co­lours me­an the­re is a hig­her risk of a re­pair not being up to scra­tch.

Re­sa­le va­lue

The pool of buy­ers for mo­re po­pu­lar, neu­tral co­lours is lar­ger, which nor­mal­ly me­ans a stron­ger re­sa­le va­lue. Whi­te and sil­ver ma­ke up al­most two thi­rds of new cars boug­ht in 2017. The­re are pro­ven trends in a­vai­la­ble da­ta w­he­re cer­tain co­lours at­tract a lo­wer re­sa­le pri­ce. T­his is par­ti­cu­lar­ly true of mo­re u­nu­su­al co­lours, such as bron­ze.

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