Ja­guar’s sau­ve SUV

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Why would one buy a Cub - the E Pa­ce which is Ja­guar's la­test of­fe­ring which is a com­pact SUV?

The ans­wer would be t­hat the com­bi­na­ti­on of ar­tis­tic de­sign and po­wer would be too strong to re­sist.

Then the SUV has per­so­na­li­ty - he­aps of it and e­ven mo­re spa­ce in­si­de.

It is a spa­ci­ous, con­nected all w­heel d­ri­ve (AWD).

Ad­van­ced techno­lo­gy me­ans tra­vel­lers can stay in tou­ch with their ba­se or be a­mu­sed and in­for­med by the on-bo­ard in­fo­tai­n­ment sy­stem.

The vehi­cle is dis­tincti­ve­ly Ja­guar - muscu­lar, pur­po­se­ful and bold.

The de­mand for SUVs just keeps gro­wing due to sa­fe­ty and da­ma­ge con­cerns with SA ro­ads. The high dri­ving po­si­ti­on is per­cei­ved to be sa­fer and the hig­her ground cle­a­ran­ce a pro­tecti­on a­gainst u­ne­ven ro­ad sur­fa­ces.

Gro­wth pre­dicti­on for the SUV mar­ket is 23% by 2020. Pe­trol and die­sel ver­si­ons are a­vai­la­ble, e­ach with its par­ti­cu­lar ad­van­ta­ges 3 die­sel and 2 pe­trol va­ri­ants. You can lock the key in­si­de w­hen ex­plo­ring thanks to a we­a­ra­ble acti­vi­ty key whi­le you are run­ning or cy­cling

The re­ar view ca­me­ra sy­stem and all ot­her sa­fe­ty fe­a­tu­res are as ex­pected.

P­ri­cing starts at R598 500 and a fi­ve ye­ar or 100 000km ser­vi­ce plan as well as main­te­nan­ce plan and war­ran­ty for fi­ve y­e­ars or 100 000km are stan­dard. The vehi­cle can be per­so­na­li­sed by on­li­ne de­sign op­ti­ons or you could ha­ve hours of fun in the re­al wor­ld by u­sing the com­pre­hen­si­ve E-Pa­ce bro­chu­re, which is a work of art in it­self.

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