Su­zu­ki Ba­le­no could be sold as a Toyo­ta

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A re­port by an In­di­an pu­bli­ca­ti­on, Li­vemint, has re­vea­led that Toyo­ta and Su­zu­ki ha­ve sig­ned a joint de­al on a cou­ple of pro­jects to be­ne­fit both Ja­pa­ne­se car ma­nu­fac­tu­rers.

Set to start to­wards the end of May next y­e­ar, the tie-up is a­bout Su­zu­ki de­ve­lo­ping a new en­gi­ne with techni­cal as­sis­tan­ce from Toyo­ta and Den­so. It al­so sti­pu­la­tes Toyo­ta will be a­ble to sell cars en­gi­nee­red and ma­nu­fac­tu­red by Su­zu­ki.

The two com­pa­nies are re­por­ted to ha­ve re­a­ched an agreement re­gar­ding the first cross-bad­ged car. The Ba­le­no will get a Toyo­ta bad­ge in In­dia w­he­re 20 000 to 25 000 cars will be sup­p­lied by Su­zu­ki from its fac­to­ry in Gu­ja­rat.

A­si­de from swit­ching lo­gos, the fi­ve­door ha­t­chback will go through so­me sub­t­le de­sign chan­ges, such as s­ligthly re­vi­sed he­ad­lig­hts and tail­lig­hts al­ong with an up­da­ted front gril­le.

It is not cle­ar w­het­her this af­fects our mar­ket. Su­zu­ki and Toyo­ta ha­ve de­cli­ned to com­ment.

S­pe­cu­la­ti­on sug­ge­sts the Ba­le­no won’t be the on­ly car to be sold un­der two dif­fe­rent brands, as Su­zu­ki will al­so al­low Toyo­ta to sell the Vi­ta­ra small cros­so­ver, whi­le the Corol­la se­dan may car­ry the Su­zu­ki lo­go in In­dia. The part­ners­hip be­t­ween the two com­pa­nies will not be li­mi­ted to the In­di­an mar­ket.

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