Jim­ny C­ric­ket IT’S TOTALLY G­REEN!

The fans ha­ve y­e­ar­ned for the new Jim­ny af­ter rumours re­a­ched lo­cal sho­res that it was for re­al. The litt­le gi­ant-kil­ler is he­re and will be of­fi­ci­al­ly laun­ched in No­vem­ber.

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The new Jim­ny was re­cent­ly in­tro­du­ced to South A­fri­ca at the Fe­s­ti­val of Mo­to­ring at Ky­a­la­mi in Gau­teng. Ex­pec­ta­ti­ons are high and the me­dia who got a first peek at the ne­west litt­le "gi­ant kil­ler" from Su­zu­ki was u­ni­ver­sal­ly im­pres­sed. Jim­ny has a hu­ge act to fol­low sin­ce it first cre­a­ted a blu­e­print for fun 4x4 dri­ving.

The fact that it was most ca­pa­ble and af­for­da­ble was part of its fun i­ma­ge too. This litt­le big-he­ar­ted Su­zu­ki so lo­ved that this is on­ly the fourth all-new mo­del sin­ce the LJ10 was laun­ched in 1970.

S­ty­ling e­le­ments in­clu­de:

An o­ver­all an­gu­lar de­sign that is re­mi­nis­cent of the first LJ and se­cond ge­ne­ra­ti­on SJ ran­ges;

The round he­ad­lamps and se­pa­ra­te round o­ran­ge in­di­ca­tors of the LJ10, the first ge­ne­ra­ti­on;

Si­de bon­net slits and an an­gu­lar front windscreen from the SJ se­ries – the first to be dub­bed "gi­ant kil­ler" by the 4×4 com­mu­ni­ty;

Steel w­heels si­mi­lar to the SJ se­ries on the GA spec le­vel;

A bon­net and u­prig­ht gril­le li­ke the SJ and pre­vi­ous ge­ne­ra­ti­on Jim­ny;

A moul­ded re­ar bum­per with lig­hts in the furt­her­most cor­ners, li­ke the SJ se­ries.

In­si­de the ca­bin, Su­zu­ki’s de­sig­ners ha­ve ad­ded hints of Jim­ny’s fo­re­be­ars, such as ex­po­sed pain­ted me­tal win­dow fra­mes at shoul­der heig­ht, a spee­do­me­ter and ta­cho­me­ter in se­pa­ra­te s­qua­re bin­na­cles and the practi­cal dashbo­ard with ma­ny stora­ge bin­na­cles and three-lay­er de­sign. Ho­we­ver dif­fi­cult, the all-new Jim­ny does im­pro­ve on its pre­de­ces­sor, the 1998-2018 mo­del.

It is built on a new lad­der-fra­me chas­sis with a pa­ten­ted “X”mem­ber be­t­ween the two ri­gid ax­les for 1,5 ti­mes the tor­si­o­nal ri­gi­di­ty of the pre­vi­ous mo­del be­fo­re. With the ad­di­ti­on of new coil s­prings and shock ab­sor­bers, the Jim­ny now has 210mm ground cle­a­ran­ce, 20mm mo­re than be­fo­re.

The Jim­ny’s w­heel­ba­se is un­chan­ged at 2 250mm, but has an in­cre­a­sed front and re­ar track (40mm) and vehi­cle width (45mm).

The o­ver­all vehi­cle length has been shor­te­ned by 50mm, thanks in part to the moul­ded bum­pers.

Un­der the clams­hell bon­net, Su­zu­ki has fit­ted its K15B pe­trol en­gi­ne. This 1,5-lit­re four-cy­lin­der u­nit re­pla­ces the 1,3-lit­re M13A en­gi­ne of the pre­vi­ous mo­del and de­li­vers 75kW at 6 000rpm and 130Nm at 4 000rpm. The new K15B-en­gi­ne is 15% lig­h­ter than the 1,3-lit­re u­nit it re­pla­ces.

The lig­h­ter weig­ht, hig­her com­pres­si­on ra­tio and o­ver­all im­pro­vement in ef­fi­cien­cy me­an that this en­gi­ne u­ses 14% less fu­el than both the ma­nu­al and au­to­ma­tic ver­si­ons of its pre­de­ces­sor.

The en­gi­ne is ma­ted to a fi­ve speed ma­nu­al ge­ar­box and an op­ti­o­nal four speed au­to­ma­tic ge­ar­box in the GLX s­pe­ci­fi­ca­ti­on.

All new Jim­ny mo­dels are fit­ted with a 4×4 sy­stem cal­led Al­lG­rip Pro, which al­lows the dri­ver to com­for­ta­bly switch be­t­ween 4×2 (front-w­heel dri­ve), 4×4 high and 4×4 low ran­ge with a se­con­da­ry ge­ar le­ver. This sy­stem is sup­por­ted by both the vehi­cle sta­bi­li­ty con­t­rol (ESP) and a new Bra­ke-e­na­bled Li­mi­ted S­lip Dif­fe­ren­ti­al sy­stem.

The ESP-sy­stem is s­tan­dard on all mo­dels and ad­justs its functi­o­ning ba­sed on the num­ber of w­heels dri­ven and the ro­ad con­di­ti­ons.

W­hi­le Su­zu­ki did not want to com­pro­mi­se the com­pact cha­rac­ter of the Jim­ny, it has im­pro­ved dri­ver and pas­sen­ger com­fort and ad­ded practi­cal stora­ge op­ti­ons.

The front se­ats are 55mm lon­ger than be­fo­re and ha­ve wi­der se­at cus­hi­on fra­mes.

Su­zu­ki en­gi­neers ha­ve lo­we­red the se­at bol­sters to al­low com­for­ta­ble shoul­der mo­vement w­hen the dri­ver and front pas­sen­ger want to look a­round and be­hind them, for in­stan­ce w­hen they na­vi­ga­te a tric­ky ob­sta­cle in the bush. Front ccu­pants ha­ve 30mm mo­re le­g­room than be­fo­re and the re­ar pas­sen­gers ha­ve a mas­si­ve 40mm mo­re spa­ce and a hig­her hip point, for gre­a­ter com­fort.

In South A­fri­ca, Su­zu­ki has ad­ded its 7" SLDA – smartp­ho­ne linka­ge dis­play – to the new GLXspe­ci­fi­ca­ti­on.

This lar­ge tou­chscreen is fit­ted with Ap­ple Car­play, An­droid Au­to and Mir­ror Link to ac­com­mo­da­te most smartp­ho­nes’ in-car fe­a­tu­res and voi­ce con­t­rol functi­o­na­li­ty.

To wi­den the ap­pe­al of the Jim­ny, Su­zu­ki South A­fri­ca will in­tro­du­ce both a GA and GLX s­pe­ci­fi­ca­ti­on le­vel.

Both will ha­ve a full-si­zed spa­re w­heel, ABS bra­kes, bra­ke as­sist (BAS), e­lec­tro­nic sta­bi­li­ty con­t­rol (ESP), I­so­fix an­chors for child se­ats and du­al SRS front ai­r­bags. Both will al­so ha­ve the Al­lG­rip Pro 4×4 sy­stem with low ran­ge trans­fer ge­ar and the Bra­ke LSD tracti­on con­t­rol sy­stem.

The GLX s­pe­ci­fi­ca­ti­on is a­vai­la­ble with the choi­ce of ma­nu­al and au­to­ma­tic ge­ar­boxes. W­hi­le not con­fir­med yet, the in­di­ca­ti­ve pri­cing – which in­clu­des a ser­vi­ce plan and me­cha­ni­cal war­ran­ty – is es­ti­ma­ted at: Su­zu­ki Jim­ny 1,5 4×4 GA Ma­nu­al R265 000;

Su­zu­ki Jim­ny 1,5 4×4 GLX Ma­nu­al R300 000; Su­zu­ki Jim­ny 1,5 4×4 GLX Au­to R320 000.

The all-new Jim­ny will be a­vai­la­ble from 1 No­vem­ber.

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