W­hen ot­hers dri­ve your car

I­su­zu part of Iron­man success

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If you al­low so­meo­ne who doe­sn't ha­ve a va­lid dri­ving li­cen­ce to dri­ve your car, you are pla­cing your­self at

con­si­de­ra­ble fi­nan­ci­al risk.

If the per­son is in­vol­ved in a crash, your in­su­rers may re­fu­se to pay the claim, le­a­ving you ex­po­sed to the full cost of the crash, in­clu­ding da­ma­ge to pro­per­ty and ot­her vehi­cles. Re­mem­ber that an ex­pi­red li­cen­ce is the sa­me as no li­cen­ce at all.

It is al­so dan­ge­rous to al­low un­qua­li­fied dri­vers to dri­ve on pu­blic ro­ads, so al­ways en­s­u­re that fa­mi­ly, friends or col­le­a­gues ha­ve a va­lid dri­ving li­cen­ce in their pos­ses­si­on be­fo­re al­lo­wing them to dri­ve your car.

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Far from the gla­mour of the fi­nis­hers’ ta­pe, a to­tal of 30 I­su­zu bak­kies and trucks de­li­ver­ed cri­ti­cal trans­port sup­port du­ring the weeks of plan­ning and set-up be­fo­re the re­cent Iron­man 70.3 e­vent hos­ted on 1 and 2 Sep­tem­ber in Nel­son Man­de­la Bay. The vehi­cles for­med an im­por­tant part of lo­gis­ti­cal pre-plan­ning and exe­cu­ti­on of the glo­bal ra­ce. T­wel­ve we­re I­su­zu trucks and 18 we­re I­su­zu bak­kies. It was the first ti­me that an Iron­man 70.3 Wor­ld C­ham­pi­ons­hip was hos­ted in A­fri­ca. A to­tal of 4 500 athle­tes from 102 coun­tries a­cross the glo­be par­ti­ci­pa­ted in the ra­ce. For e­very Iron­man, the­re we­re se­ver­al Iron­fans and sup­por­ters, as well as hund­reds of vo­lun­teers, mars­hals and of­fi­ci­als.

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