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South A­fri­ca’s con­ten­ders in t­his y­e­ar’s Mo­tor­cy­cle Wor­ld C­ham­pi­ons­hip are doing the coun­try proud un­der tre­men­dous­ly chal­len­ging con­di­ti­ons.

The last ra­ce on 9 Sep­tem­ber at the San Ma­ri­no Mo­toGP saw for­mer Mo­to3 wor­ld cham­pi­on Brad Bin­der ta­ke a c­lo­se se­venth pla­ce in the Mo­to2 ra­ce on his fac­to­ry Red Bull Ra­cing KTM.

The re­sult saw Bin­der slot in­to thi­rd pla­ce in the se­a­son’s c­ham­pi­ons­hip cha­se, on 119 points.

That ma­kes him the be­st of the rest, a­he­ad of I­ta­ly’s Lo­ren­zo Bal­das­sa­ri (Ka­lex) on 116 and S­pain’s Jo­an Mir (Ka­lex) on 114.

Com­for­ta­bly a­he­ad and eng­a­ging in a du­el for the tit­le are I­ta­ly’s Fran­ces­co Bag­naia (Ka­lex) on 214 points, and Por­tu­gal’s Mi­guel O­li­vei­ra (Red Bull Ra­cing KTM) on 206.

Re­cent­ly, South A­fri­can S­te­ven O­den­daal fi­nis­hed just out­si­de the Mo­to2 points in 17th on his un­der­de­ve­lo­ped NTS.

Me­an­w­hi­le, Bin­der’s youn­ger brot­her, Dar­ryn, is still re­co­ve­ring from sur­ge­ry on a smas­hed col­lar­bo­ne.

De­spi­te t­his, he put in a su­perb ri­de for se­venth in the Mo­to3 ra­ce on his Red Bull KTM.

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