Round-the-clock kart ra­cing in De­cem­ber

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For tho­se re­a­ders not shy of tra­vel­ling for kart ra­cing, the Laser­fi­che Ra­ce­way at the Ve­ree­ni­ging sho­w­grounds will host South A­fri­ca’s on­ly 24hour k­ar­ting en­du­ran­ce ra­ce meet­ing on 1 and 2 De­cem­ber.

Run by the Pro­kart SSS Club, the meet­ing is ex­pected to ha­ve 45 par­ti­ci­pa­ting te­ams of three or four dri­vers e­ach, dri­ving sing­le­cy­lin­der Hon­da GX390 four-stro­ke po­we­red karts.

“The Pro­kart A­fri­ca 24-hour En­du­ran­ce e­vent is the first of its kind in A­fri­ca and will sho­w­ca­se w­hat South A­fri­ca can do in the four-stro­ke k­ar­ting ca­te­go­ry,” says S­hel­don Hal­green, chai­r­per­son of the Pro­kart SSS Club. “Wor­ld­wi­de, 24-hour en­du­ran­ce k­ar­ting is very po­pu­lar. The­re is the Spa 24-hour in Bel­gi­um, the 24-hour Le Mans K­ar­ting in Fran­ce, the 24 hours of A­me­ri­ca, the Du­bai 24 hours and ma­ny mo­re. South A­fri­can kar­ters ha­ve of­ten sa­ved up a lot of mo­ney to at­tend such e­vents out­si­de of our bor­ders, but they can now par­ti­ci­pa­te in Ve­ree­ni­ging. The Laser­fi­che Ra­ce­way has hos­ted ma­ny success­ful 12-hour ra­ces o­ver the last 20 y­e­ars. The karts and Hon­da en­gi­nes are all firm­ly re­gu­la­ted to en­s­u­re fair com­pe­ti­ti­on and c­lo­se ra­cing. The e­vent will fol­low the Pro­kart SSS techni­cal ru­les and re­gu­la­ti­ons, which can be found on our web­si­te.”

The e­vent is o­pen to a­nyo­ne with the re­qui­red e­quip­ment and dri­vers to par­ti­ci­pa­te. The­re are al­so suit­a­ble en­gi­nes and ra­ce spec karts for hi­re. Ta­len­ted dri­vers can al­so be ar­ran­ged for the ti­mes w­hen you need so­meo­ne re­al­ly quick to qua­li­fy or so­meo­ne fit to tackle the dre­a­ded stint be­t­ween 02:00 and 05:00.

The en­ti­re e­vent will be stre­a­med li­ve, with pro­fes­si­o­nal com­men­ta­ry by lo­cal mo­tor­sport’s voi­ce of choi­ce, G­reg Mo­lo­ney and his te­am.

Ot­her en­ter­tai­n­ment on the day will in­clu­de ra­cing si­mu­la­tors a­vai­la­ble to vi­si­tors at the track. The e­vent will rai­se funds for the Cat­her­i­ne Rob­son C­hild­ren’s Ho­me in Ve­ree­ni­ging.

S­pon­sors who wish to be part of t­his his­to­ric ra­ce can e-mail the club at in­fo@pro­

To find out mo­re, vi­sit the Pro­kart web­si­te at­

- Ci­ti­zen Mo­to­ring

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