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Ha­val’s H-9 is a se­ven­se­a­ter sports u­ti­li­ty vehi­cle (SUV) that is the big brot­her of three smal­ler si­blings from the GWM sta­ble. It is the first four-w­heel dri­ve mo­del from the brand in South A­fri­ca. Ha­val has qui­et­ly ma­de hu­ge stri­des in South A­fri­can and has gar­ne­red qui­te a few a­wards al­ong the way too.

Ha­val, the pro­fes­si­o­nal SUV di­vi­si­on of GWM, is b­re­a­king new ground with the in­tro­ducti­on of its first four-w­heel dri­ve mo­del in South A­fri­ca. Joi­ning the South A­fri­can ran­ge of its two­w­heel dri­ve small SUV de­ri­va­ti­ves, the 1,5-lit­re H1, H2 and H6, the lar­ge 7-se­a­ter H9 is po­we­red by the 180kW, 2,0-lit­re pe­trol tur­bo al­so found in the H6C.

Ha­val is ma­king hu­ge stri­des in the South A­fri­can fa­mi­ly

SUV mar­ket af­ter the brand’s lo­cal in­tro­ducti­on just o­ver a y­e­ar ago.

“Ha­val ar­ri­ved in South A­fri­ca in May 2017. We star­ted a y­e­ar ago with just three Ha­val de­a­lers,” says C­har­les Z­hao, ma­na­ging di­rec­tor of Ha­val Mo­tors South A­fri­ca. “By the end of Ju­ne 2018 we had

29 Ha­val de­a­lers coun­try­wi­de thanks to full fac­to­ry back-up from our pa­rent com­pa­ny in C­hi­na.”

The H9 is the fifth luxu­ry SUV mo­del in the Ha­val ran­ge to be laun­ched in South A­fri­ca in less than 18 mont­hs. The brand is re­pre­sen­ted in Ge­or­ge by GWM Ge­or­ge.

The big new se­ven-se­a­ter H9 has out­per­for­med much mo­re ex­pen­si­ve ri­vals in ot­her rig­ht-hand dri­ve mar­kets, and drew high prai­se from jud­ges in Aus­tra­lia’s 4x4 a­wards in 2017, w­he­re it was no­ted as “a ma­chi­ne rug­ged e­nough to sur­vi­ve the Aus­tra­li­an out­back”.


The H9 is po­we­red by the 180kW ver­si­on of the brand’s own a­ward­win­ning 2,0-lit­re pe­trol en­gi­ne with dou­ble­chan­nel tur­bo char­ging. The en­gi­ne de­li­vers its max­i­mum po­wer out­put at 5 500rpm, with max­i­mum tor­que of 350Nm from 1 800rpm all the way up to 4 500rpm, which al­lows su­pe­ri­or pull-a­way and acce­le­ra­ti­on.

Alt­hough the en­gi­ne is an in-hou­se de­ve­lop­ment, Ha­val u­ses the Ger­man en­gi­nee­red ZF 8-speed, 4WD trans­mis­si­on.

The trans­mis­si­on bo­as­ts Padd­le S­hift for pre­ci­si­on off-ro­ad dri­ving, al­lo­wing the H9 to tackle the toug­hest ter­rain with com­fort and e­le­gan­ce.

The dri­ver can se­lect the most ap­pro­pri­a­te re­al-ti­me ro­ad mo­de from six op­ti­ons (AU­TO, 4L, S­port, Sand, S­now, and Mud) via the mul­ti-functi­o­nal dis­play knob on the se­con­da­ry in­stru­ment pa­nel. T­his al­lows the sy­stem to au­to­ma­ti­cal­ly con­t­rol the dri­ving and bra­king for­ce to a­chie­ve the be­st per­for­man­ce.


The Ha­val H9 has a bo­dy-on-fra­me de­sign with a high-strength fra­me for out­stan­ding ri­gi­di­ty in stre­nu­ous con­di­ti­ons. Un­der the skin, si­de-im­pact col­li­si­on bars, front and back crum­ple zo­nes and an e­ner­gy-ab­sor­bing s­teer­ing co­lumn pro­tect the occu­pants in the e­vent of a col­li­si­on.

Acti­ve sa­fe­ty fe­a­tu­res in­clu­de all-round ai­r­bags, se­at belt pre­ten­si­o­ners, I­so­fix child se­at an­chors, a ty­re pres­su­re mo­ni­to­ring sy­stem and dri­ver sta­tus de­tecti­on sy­stem, all gua­ran­teeing the sa­fe­ty of occu­pants.

E­lec­tro­nic dri­ver aids in­clu­de ABS, bra­ke as­sist and e­lec­tro­nic sta­bi­li­ty pro­gram­me (ESP), hill-start as­sist con­t­rol (HAC), roll mo­vement in­ter­ven­ti­on, as well as cross-traf­fic a­lert and la­ne-chan­ge a­lert.


The vehi­cle has le­at­her se­ats in three rows, in­clu­ding an eig­ht way e­lec­tri­cal­ly

B­re­a­king new ground with its first four-w­heel dri­ve mo­del in South A­fri­ca.

ad­jus­ta­ble dri­ver se­at with lum­bar sup­port and me­mo­ry functi­on. The front pas­sen­ger gets a four way e­lec­tri­cal­ly ad­jus­ta­ble se­at with ven­ti­la­ti­on and mas­sa­ge. The se­cond row is ma­nu­al­ly ad­jus­ta­ble and the­re are e­lec­tri­cal­ly fol­da­ble twin se­ats in the thi­rd row. Ot­her fe­a­tu­res in­clu­de three-zo­ne cli­ma­te con­t­rol air con­di­ti­o­ning, an ad­van­ced mul­ti-me­dia sy­stem with an 8” tou­chscreen and in­te­gra­ted sa­tel­li­te na­vi­ga­ti­on.

The con­si­de­ra­ble stora­ge spa­ce de­sign meets the e­ver­y­day needs of the bu­si­ness exe­cu­ti­ve as well as the play­ful ad­ven­tu­rer.

Three am­bient lig­ht va­ri­a­ti­ons, lo­ca­ted at the bottom of the in­stru­ment pa­nel as well as the door trim pa­nels, cre­a­te a re­laxed co­lou­ren­han­ced at­mos­p­he­re.

The 7” tou­chscreen in­te­gra­tes per­fect­ly with the a­na­lo­gue in­stru­ments. The back­ground on the dis­play has three co­lour-chan­ging mo­des that tie in with the dri­ve ter­rain mo­des.

Con­si­de­ra­ble stora­ge spa­ce is found throug­hout the ca­bin. Door poc­ket co­vers, cup hol­ders front and back, cen­tral con­tai­ner and glas­ses box, a locka­ble glo­ve box and re­ar arm­rest con­tai­ner, as well as front row se­at­back stora­ge bags and thi­rd row cup hol­ders, of­fer a host of nooks and cran­nies for stora­ge of small i­tems.

The se­cond row of se­ats ha­ve a 60/40 split, whi­le the twin se­ats in the thi­rd row can be di­vi­ded 50/50 and fol­ded in­to the floor to in­cre­a­se lug­ga­ge spa­ce. With the re­ar se­ats fol­ded do­wn, the H7 bo­as­ts a lug­ga­ge vo­lu­me of 747 lit­res.


Au­to­ma­tic he­ad­lig­hts with a built-in cle­a­ning sy­stem, day-ti­me run­ning lig­hts, fog lig­hts front and re­ar and si­de step il­lu­mi­na­ti­on me­an the new H9 won’t keep a­nyo­ne in the dark. The H9 has an a­dap­ti­ve front-lig­hting sy­stem which meets all il­lu­mi­na­ti­on needs, in­clu­ding fo­cu­sing the he­ad­lig­hts a­round bends to im­pro­ve sa­fe­ty.

Ot­her exterior fe­a­tu­res in­clu­de a pa­no­ra­mic sun­roof, shark-fin an­ten­na, roof rails, si­de steps and sty­lish 18” a­lu­mi­ni­um al­loy w­heels.


The new mo­del is a­vai­la­ble as the H9 2,0 Pe­trol 4WD Luxu­ry and is pri­ced at R599 900. The H9 has a fi­ve y­e­ar or 100 000km war­ran­ty, a fi­ve y­e­ar or 60 000km ser­vi­ce plan and fi­ve y­e­ar un­li­mi­ted km ro­ad­s­i­de as­sis­tan­ce.

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