VW to stop doing bu­si­ness in Iran

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Volks­wa­gen has bo­wed to A­me­ri­can pres­su­re stem­ming from the US re­jecti­on of the mul­ti-par­ty nu­cle­ar de­al and will end al­most all its bu­si­ness in Iran, Bloom­berg

News re­por­ted last week.

The ac­cord was re­a­ched af­ter weeks of talks be­t­ween the Ger­man au­to gi­ant and the ad­mi­nis­tra­ti­on of Pre­si­dent Do­nald Trump, said Ri­chard G­re­nell, US Am­bas­sa­dor to Ger­ma­ny.

VW will still be a­ble to do so­me bu­si­ness in Iran un­der a hu­ma­ni­ta­ri­an ex­cep­ti­on,

Bloom­berg re­por­ted.

In May, Trump pul­led the US out of the de­al it re­a­ched with Iran and fi­ve ot­her coun­tries in 2015.

That ac­cord lif­ted sancti­ons a­gainst Tehran in ex­chan­ge for re­stricti­ons on its nu­cle­ar pro­gram­me.The US is now re-im­po­sing tho­se sancti­ons. VW scrap­ped plans it an­noun­ced in Ju­ly last y­e­ar to sell cars in Iran for the first ti­me in 17 y­e­ars.

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