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So­me re­a­ders may pre­fer the e­le­gant se­dan and ot­hers will vo­te for the Eif­fel to­wer con­structed from 1997 to 1889 as the en­tran­ce to the 1889 Wor­ld Fair by en­gi­neer Gus­ta­ve Eif­fel, w­ho­se com­pa­ny de­sig­ned and built the to­wer.

A ve­ry spe­ci­al con­voy re­pre­sen­ting the past and pre­sent of the Ja­guar XJ has jour­ney­ed from the Ja­guar Cas­t­le Brom­wich plant in the UK to the re­cent Pa­ris Mo­tor S­how to ce­le­bra­te 50 y­e­ars of the flags­hip luxu­ry se­dan.

The li­neup fe­a­tu­red all eig­ht ge­ne­ra­ti­ons of XJ pro­du­ced sin­ce 1968.

The spe­ci­al col­lecti­on was led by the car that star­ted it all, the Se­ries I. The con­voy was com­ple­ted by the most re­cent XJ50 spe­ci­al e­di­ti­on, which is a­vai­la­ble to or­der in South Africa now. The con­voy al­so in­clu­ded sig­ni­fi­cant mo­dels such as the Se­ries II Cou­pé and X350 XJR.

Star­ting at Cas­t­le Brom­wich w­he­re the luxu­ry se­dan is pro­du­ced, the 839km d­ri­ve took in im­por­tant lo­ca­ti­ons in­clu­ding Ja­guar Clas­sic, Bi­ces­ter He­ri­ta­ge Cen­t­re and the Good­wood and Le Mans ra­ce ci­r­cuits. Jour­ney’s end for the con­voy was at the Pa­ris Mo­tor S­how w­he­re the Ja­guar XJ Se­ries I ma­de its de­but in 1968.

The cars that took part in this jour­ney we­re: Ja­guar XJ Se­ries I: 1968; Ja­guar XJ Se­ries II: 1973; Ja­guar XJ Se­ries II Cou­pé: 1973; Ja­guar XJ Se­ries III: 1979; Ja­guar XJ40: 1986; Ja­guar XJ X300: 1994; Ja­guar XJ X308: 1997; Ja­guar XJ X350: 2003; Ja­guar XJ X351: 2009; Ja­guar XJR575: 2017 and Ja­guar XJ XJ50: 2018.

Pa­ris has a spe­ci­al sig­ni­fi­can­ce to the Ja­guar mo­del. In 1968 the XJ ma­de its de­but at the Pa­ris s­how, with Ja­guar foun­der Sir Wil­li­am Lyons re­vea­ling his vi­si­on for a se­dan car with the hand­ling of an E-ty­pe.

The car be­ca­me syn­o­ny­mous for its com­bi­na­ti­on of beau­ty, poi­se and per­for­man­ce.

Sin­ce then, the pre­sen­ta­ti­on halls of Pa­ris ha­ve play­ed a re­gu­lar ro­le in the li­fe of the XJ – the XJ ‘X300’ was un­vei­led at the e­vent in 1994 and the re­vo­lu­ti­o­na­ry XJ ‘X350’, with its lig­ht­weig­ht a­lu­mi­ni­um mo­no­co­que, ma­de its de­but the­re in 2002.

Re­tur­ning to the Pa­ris Mo­tor S­how 50 y­e­ars af­ter its first ap­pea­ran­ce, caps the ce­le­bra­ti­ons for one of the wor­ld’s g­re­at se­dan cars which has been the choi­ce of bu­si­ness le­a­ders, ce­le­bri­ties, po­li­ti­ci­ans and roy­al­ty.

The ce­le­bra­ti­ons be­gan with the in­tro­ducti­on of the XJ50 e­ar­lier in 2018. The spe­ci­al e­di­ti­on mo­del in­clu­des Au­to­bi­o­grap­hy-sty­le front and re­ar bum­pers, pur­po­se­ful new 20" Ve­nom w­heels, a black front gril­le and u­ni­que bad­ging on the re­ar and si­de vents. In­si­de, the luxu­ry ca­bin fe­a­tu­res an em­bos­sed lo­go on the he­a­dre­sts, an XJ50 lo­go on the cen­t­re arm­rest, u­ni­que in­tag­lio bran­ding and XJ50bad­ged il­lu­mi­na­ted tre­ad pla­tes. The new Ja­guar XJ50 is a­vai­la­ble in South Africa in a choi­ce of s­tan­dard or long w­heel­ba­ses.

All South A­fri­can XJ50s are e­quip­ped with 3,0 die­sel en­gi­nes.

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