Se­cond-ge­ne­ra­ti­on Nis­san Ju­ke due next y­e­ar

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The new se­cond-ge­ne­ra­ti­on Ju­ke has been de­sig­ned at Nis­san’s Lon­don de­sign stu­dio and, much li­ke the cur­rent Nis­san Ju­ke, its shape is li­ke­ly to split pe­op­le in­to two groups “lo­ve it” or “ha­te it”.

De­spi­te the va­ried o­pi­ni­ons, the fun­ky look of the Ju­ke has at­trac­ted ma­ny new o­w­ners for Nis­san sin­ce its launch.

The new Ju­ke is ap­pa­rent­ly being pre­pa­red for a mo­tor s­how de­but so­meti­me soon, with pro­ducti­on ex­pected to start in 2019.

S­pea­king to the UK’s Au­to­car, the Ja­pa­ne­se au­to gi­ant’s boss of glo­bal de­sign, Al­fon­so Al­bai­sa, says the new Ju­ke “doe­sn’t look too much li­ke the last one.

"It doe­sn’t look li­ke the IMx (an e­lec­tric cros­so­ver con­cept) or the new Le­af, either. It’s an ur­ban me­te­or with a nas­ty at­ti­tu­de. It is cer­tain­ly co­ming soon. It’s a ve­ry cool car, and it still has all of its at­ti­tu­de.”

In­tro­du­ced to the wor­ld at the 2010 Ge­ne­va Mo­tor S­how, the first-ge­ne­ra­ti­on Nis­san Ju­ke pro­vi­ded a boost to the subcom­pact cros­so­ver seg­ment, which grew ten­fold a­cross Eu­ro­pe be­t­ween 2010 and 2016.

So­me 1,13 mil­li­on u­nits we­re sold in Eu­ro­pe in 2016 and that num­ber is ex­pected to dou­ble a­gain by 2022. In­te­res­tingly, the Ju­ke ha­sn’t en­joy­ed the sa­me le­vel of success e­ver­y­w­he­re.

Nis­san has drop­ped the vehi­cle from its li­neup in the U­ni­ted S­ta­tes in 2018.

Du­ring 2017, sa­les drop­ped by a mas­si­ve 48% in the US o­ver the pre­vi­ous y­e­ar.

It has now been re­pla­ced by a mo­del cal­led the Nis­san Kicks.

The Kicks is a subcom­pact cros­so­ver built in Bra­zil, Mex­i­co, C­hi­na and Ma­lay­sia. It is now al­so being sold in North A­me­ri­ca and will e­ven­tu­al­ly be in­tro­du­ced in a­round 80 mar­kets a­round the wor­ld.

Pho­to: Wi­ki­pe­dia

The Nis­san Kicks has ta­ken o­ver the mant­le of the Ju­ke in the US.

W­hat the new Ju­ke will not look li­ke - the Nis­san Le­af.

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