Fe­wer de­lays in is­suing of li­cen­ces

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Re­si­dents of the Sout­hern Ca­pe seem to be less af­fected by the on­going in­dus­tri­al acti­on in the pro­ducti­on of li­cen­ce cards by the Dri­ving Li­cen­ce Card Ac­count (DLCA) in P­re­to­ria. W­hi­le the pro­ces­sing of ap­pli­ca­ti­ons for new li­cen­ce cards and re­ne­wals is de­cen­tra­li­sed, all cards are pro­du­ced and is­su­ed by the DLCA.

The DCLA is a tra­ding en­ti­ty of the Na­ti­o­nal De­part­ment of Trans­port and the de­lay i­ni­ti­al­ly af­fected ap­pli­cants from all o­ver South A­fri­ca.

In Ge­or­ge the wai­ting ti­me has re­ver­ted to bet­ween four and six weeks, with mo­re or less the sa­me wai­ting ti­me re­por­ted in S­wel­len­dam, Graaff Rei­net and Oudts­hoorn.

All te­lep­ho­ne en­qui­ries di­rected at de­part­ments that could be re­a­ched, we­re hand­led prompt­ly and ef­fi­cient­ly. All the de­part­ments re­a­ched we­re a­ble to sup­ply the in­for­ma­ti­on im­me­di­a­te­ly and the friend­ly as­sis­tan­ce of the Oudts­hoorn de­part­ment stood out.

D­ri­vers who ap­ply for a dri­ving li­cen­ce card re­ne­wal on or be­fo­re the ex­pi­ry da­te pay R140 for the new card. They may con­ti­nue to dri­ve for a max­i­mum of three mont­hs, pro­vi­ded they are in pos­ses­si­on of their ap­pli­ca­ti­on re­ceipts and their old cards.

D­ri­vers who ap­ply af­ter their li­cen­ces ha­ve ex­pi­red, pay R140 for the new card and must al­so ap­ply for a tem­po­ra­ry li­cen­ce at an ad­di­ti­o­nal cost of R45. Tem­po­ra­ry dri­ving li­cen­ces are va­lid for six mont­hs.

In spi­te of the pro­blem being al­le­vi­a­ted, the in­dus­tri­al acti­on in P­re­to­ria still con­ti­nues. The We­stern Ca­pe De­part­ment of Trans­port and Pu­blic Works (DTPW) en­coura­ges mem­bers of the pu­blic to ap­ply for their re­pla­ce­ment cards well in ad­van­ce.

It should be no­ted that any de­lays are out­si­de the con­t­rol of the lo­cal traf­fic de­part­ments and the DTPW.

Ap­pli­ca­ti­on re­ceipts and old li­cen­ce cards may on­ly be u­sed for three mont­hs from the ap­pli­ca­ti­on da­te.

The de­part­ment will keep the pu­blic in­for­med of any furt­her de­ve­lop­ments. This dis­pu­te can on­ly be re­sol­ved at na­ti­o­nal le­vel and so­me de­lays may per­sist until such ti­me as the dis­pu­te is re­sol­ved.

S­tri­king em­ploy­ees of the Dri­ving Li­cen­sing Card and Ac­count De­part­ment ha­ve vo­wed to in­ten­si­fy their cau­se, with the sup­port of #NotInMyNa­me.

The wor­kers claim their stri­ke acti­on, in its thi­rd month, has led to de­lays in is­suing dri­ving li­cen­ces. The wor­kers re­fu­se to re­new their con­tracts, de­man­ding per­ma­nent em­ploy­ment from the De­part­ment of Trans­port. They told the P­re­to­ria News that the­re was a backlog of mo­re than 450 000 dri­ving li­cen­ce cards, which was gro­wing e­very day.

They ha­ve been sta­ging a sit-do­wn out­si­de the em­ploy­ers' of­fi­ces in P­re­to­ria for mont­hs. The em­ploy­ees said sin­ce the stand­off, the pro­ducti­on plant had co­me to a com­ple­te stand­still.

Trans­port Mi­nis­ter Bla­de N­zi­man­de re­cent­ly as­su­red mo­to­ris­ts they would re­cei­ve their li­cen­ces as con­tin­gen­cy plans had been put in pla­ce.

The­se ap­pear to be ef­fecti­ve, but any re­a­ders ex­pe­rien­cing a de­lay can bring it to our no­ti­ce by sen­ding an e-mail to Au­to­de­a­ler at anica@ grou­pe­di­tors.co.za.

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