Ra­re Fer­ra­ri sells for new re­cord p­ri­ce at aucti­on

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The Fer­ra­ri 250 GTO is of­ten re­fer­red to as the “ho­ly grail” by clas­sic car a­fi­ci­o­na­dos who ha­ve tens of mil­li­ons to spend on their hob­by. On­ly 36 we­re e­ver pro­du­ced, all of which are still a­round, and it’s con­si­de­red one of the most beau­ti­ful Fer­ra­ri de­signs in his­to­ry. That beau­ty is ri­val­led on­ly by its un­pa­ral­le­led success on the ra­ce­track.

At the Sot­he­by’s Mon­te­rey clas­sic car aucti­on in Ca­li­for­nia, the 250 GTO bro­ke a new re­cord. CNN has re­por­ted that the GTO has sold for mo­re than $48-mil­li­on (a­bout R690-mil­li­on).

The 1962 Fer­ra­ri 250 GTO by S­cag­liet­ti, chas­sis no. 3413 GT, was the thi­rd one built. It was o­w­ned by G­reg W­hit­ten, chair­man of Nu­me­rix and for­mer chief soft­wa­re ar­chi­tect at Mi­cro­soft, who o­w­ned it for a­bout 20 ye­ars.

The car sold by Sot­he­by’s still has its o­ri­gi­nal en­gi­ne, ge­ar­box and re­ar ax­le. It be­gan li­fe as a Se­ries I test car for the 1962 Tar­ga Flo­rio ro­ad ra­ce, and then won ni­ne of the 10 ra­ces it en­te­red in 1962. In 20 ra­ces, the car was ne­ver in­vol­ved in an ac­ci­dent and ne­ver fai­led to fi­nish the ra­ce.

The va­lue of the car was es­ti­ma­ted be­fo­re the aucti­on at a­bout $45-mil­li­on, a fi­gu­re it flew past at the aucti­on. One Fer­ra­ri GTO went for $35 mil­li­on in 2012, and the pre­vi­ous aucti­on re­cord was set in 2014, w­hen a 1963 Fer­ra­ri 250 GTO sold for $38,1-mil­li­on.

S­hel­by My­ers of Sot­he­by’s said, “This marks just the thi­rd ti­me that a GTO has been of­fe­red for pu­blic sa­le in the new mil­len­ni­um. I can think of no bet­ter pla­ce than our flags­hip Mon­te­rey e­vent, an aucti­on that has bor­ne wit­ness to the re­cord-smashing sa­le of so­me of the most im­por­tant cars in his­to­ry, for the pre­sen­ta­ti­on of such an ex­cep­ti­o­nal ex­am­ple of Fer­ra­ri’s most success­ful ra­cer and the wor­ld’s most soug­ht-af­ter col­lec­tor car, full s­top.”

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