Be­ne­fits of re­gu­lar­ly ser­vi­cing your car

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Ser­vi­cing your car re­gu­lar­ly has fi­ve im­por­tant be­ne­fits:


T­hou­sands of ac­ci­dents e­ach y­e­ar are the di­rect re­sult of poor­ly main­tai­ned cars on the ro­ad. Re­gu­lar ser­vi­ce checks can keep your fa­mi­ly, your car and ot­her mo­to­ris­ts sa­fe from harm.

Sa­ve you in­con­ve­nien­ce

B­re­a­king do­wn on the si­de of the ro­ad is a was­te of va­lu­a­ble ti­me and in­vol­ves a lot of wai­ting a­round. It al­so puts you at risk w­hi­le wai­ting for help to ar­ri­ve.

Re­gu­lar ser­vi­ces mi­ni­mi­se the odds that you’ll end up stran­ded in the midd­le of no­w­he­re.


You can re­du­ce we­ar and te­ar and leng­then your car’s li­fe­span by keeping up the re­gu­lar main­te­nan­ce.

Lo­wer cost

Ma­ny of the lar­ge sca­le and ex­pen­si­ve pro­blems with cars can be i­den­ti­fied e­ar­ly and pre­ven­ted with a re­gu­lar ser­vi­ce.

Hig­her re­sa­le

Most buy­ers want to know a car’s ser­vi­ce his­to­ry be­fo­re ma­king a se­cond­hand pur­cha­se.

Keeping a car well main­tai­ned and the re­cords in or­der will en­s­u­re you re­cei­ve a bet­ter of­fer w­hen you e­ven­tu­al­ly need to sell a car.

So keep up the ser­vi­ce re­cord!

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