Are ci­ty cars sim­ply ta­king o­ver?

Nis­san thinks so and gi­ves the re­a­sons

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For ma­ny ye­ars, ci­ty cars st­rug­gled to win o­ver sig­ni­fi­cant num­bers of buy­ers due to the mis­con­cep­ti­on that they we­re unsa­fe and that s­mall en­gi­nes we­re un­der­po­we­red. Con­su­mers felt that big­ger was bet­ter, as well as sa­fer. No­wa­days, ho­we­ver, ci­ty cars fe­a­tu­re cut­ting ed­ge sa­fe­ty techno­lo­gy and their on­going e­vo­lu­ti­on has re­sul­ted in in­cre­a­sed sa­les a­cross the wor­ld. Ac­cor­ding to glo­bal sa­les da­ta for the first quar­ter of 2018, com­pact ci­ty car sa­les in­cre­a­sed by al­most 2%.


Ve­hi­cle cos­ts ex­tend furt­her than the monthly hi­re pur­cha­se a­mount. The to­tal cost of ownership in­clu­des fu­el, in­su­ran­ce, re­pairs, main­te­nan­ce and ot­her va­ri­a­bles. Com­pact ha­t­chbacks sco­re well in this re­gard as e­ver­y­thing from the cost of the car to in­su­ran­ce and main­te­nan­ce is u­su­al­ly che­a­per than me­di­um and lar­ge vehi­cles.

The all-new Nis­san Mi­cra, which is re­vo­lu­ti­o­ni­sing the Up­per B ha­t­chback seg­ment, has an of­fi­ci­al com­bi­ned fu­el con­sump­ti­on fi­gu­re of 5,1 lit­res per 100km and co­mes with a com­pre­hen­si­ve six y­e­ar or 150 000km war­ran­ty; a three y­e­ar or 90 000km ser­vi­ce plan and 24/7 ro­ad­s­i­de as­sis­tan­ce.

The fu­el ef­fi­cien­cy of ci­ty cars, par­ti­cu­lar­ly tho­se with s­mall-ca­pa­ci­ty, tur­bo-char­ged en­gi­nes is con­stant­ly im­pro­ving. So­me com­pact cars are e­ven on par with pe­trol-e­lec­tric hy­brids, which re­cord very low con­sump­ti­on.

“The fu­el ef­fi­cien­cy of ci­ty cars such as the Mi­cra can’t be o­ver­sta­ted as the­re ha­ve been se­ver­al fu­el p­ri­ce in­cre­a­ses throug­hout the y­e­ar that ha­ve had a ne­ga­ti­ve im­pact on all con­su­mers and es­pe­ci­al­ly tho­se with lar­ge, fu­el-guz­z­ling vehi­cles,” said Al­da Gil­den­huys, Nis­san SA pas­sen­ger vehi­cles pro­duct ma­na­ger.


Mo­dern com­pact cars co­me with lots of in­no­va­ti­ve techno­lo­gi­cal ad­van­ce­ments - from tho­se that keep you con­nected to the wor­ld a­round you to tho­se that pri­o­ri­ti­se pas­sen­ger sa­fe­ty.

The 7” tou­chscreen co­lour dis­play on the Nis­san Mi­cra A­cen­ta and A­cen­ta Plus al­lows the dri­ver to access fe­a­tu­res such as mu­sic, mes­sa­ges and maps through Ap­ple CarPlay. W­hen an iP­ho­ne is con­nected via an Ap­ple lig­ht­ning ca­ble, it of­fers u­sers Si­ri voi­ce con­t­rol, Ap­ple maps with turn-by-turn na­vi­ga­ti­on, access to te­lep­ho­ne ser­vi­ces and ot­her apps such as Au­di­o­books and S­po­ti­fy.

S­tan­dard a­cross the Mi­cra ran­ge are six ai­r­bags, se­at belt war­nings and se­at belt heig­ht ad­jus­t­ment for the front and re­ar. I­so­fix child se­ats are al­so s­tan­dard.

E­lec­tro­nic sa­fe­ty sy­s­tems in­clu­de ve­hi­cle dy­n­a­mic con­t­rol, an­ti-locking bra­king sy­stem and hill start as­sist. Er­go­no­mi­cs are vi­tal­ly im­por­tant in a smal­ler car and he­re the Nis­san Mi­cra sets new stan­dards with a ra­ke and re­ach ad­jus­ta­ble s­teer­ing w­heel and lo­we­red front se­ats, which en­su­res ex­cep­ti­o­nal he­a­droom for tal­ler occu­pants.


Ar­gua­bly, one of the most im­por­tant as­pects a­bout ci­ty cars is their p­ri­ce and the freedom of mo­vement they pro­vi­de for first-ti­me car buy­ers. O­w­ning a car in a coun­try w­he­re the pu­blic tran­sit sy­stem is un­der­de­ve­lo­ped or non-ex­is­ting, al­lows the o­w­ner mo­bi­li­ty and freedom. They al­so pro­ve u­se­ful to en­tre­pre­neurs who need to be on the mo­ve. A lot of up-and-co­ming buy­ers are young and re­qui­re cars that are re­li­a­ble and sa­fe, but al­so ex­ci­ting and fun to dri­ve.

The new Nis­san Mi­cra has a 66kW, 140Nm tur­bo-char­ged pe­trol en­gi­ne that de­li­vers dri­ving ple­a­su­re, practi­ca­li­ty and good fu­el ef­fi­cien­cy.

The Mi­cra al­so be­ne­fits from a per­so­na­li­sa­ti­on pro­gram­me with fe­a­tu­res and co­lours that are de­ve­lo­ped to en­han­ce the car’s fun­ky in­te­ri­or and ex­te­ri­or de­sign.

Con­si­de­ring all the­se e­le­ments that we u­su­al­ly as­so­ci­a­te with mo­re ex­pen­si­ve, big­ger vehi­cles, and the fi­nan­ci­al sa­vings, is it any won­der that smal­ler cars are ta­king o­ver the wor­ld?

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