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T­ho­se who ha­ve Au­di’s new Q3 in their sig­hts may want to get in­to the queue!

The second ge­ne­ra­ti­on Au­di Q3 ap­pears vi­su­al­ly mo­re self-con­fi­dent, but al­so roo­m­ier and mo­re ver­sa­ti­le. Li­ke the ot­her top-of-the­li­ne Au­di mo­dels, it fe­a­tu­res a di­gi­tal o­pe­ra­ting and dis­play con­cept, ex­ten­si­ve in­fo­tai­n­ment so­lu­ti­ons and in­no­va­ti­ve as­sist sy­s­tems.

The SUV al­so looks much spor­tier than its pre­de­ces­sor thanks to the stri­king ex­te­ri­or de­sign, which fe­a­tu­res ver­ti­cal bars and lar­ge air in­lets at the front. Nar­row he­ad­lig­hts run in­wards with a wed­ge shape for a tou­ch of ag­gres­si­on.


Au­di sup­plies the he­ad­lig­hts in three ver­si­ons up to Ma­trix LED techno­lo­gy w­ho­se a­dap­ti­ve high be­am in­tel­li­gent­ly il­lu­mi­na­tes the tra­vel­ling di­recti­on on the ro­ad. The si­de view accen­tu­a­tes the ba­lan­ce of the ex­te­ri­or de­sign with the sym­me­tri­cal lig­hting graphi­cs of the he­ad­lig­hts and re­ar lig­hts. The shoul­der li­ne that con­nects them adds sty­le and pro­vi­des an athle­tic o­ver­all im­pres­si­on with strong muscles o­ver the w­heel ar­ches. The con­tours draw their in­spi­ra­ti­on from Au­di's quat­tro DNA, ma­king the SUV seem e­ven wi­der, whi­le the co­lour­con­tras­ting w­heel arch trims emp­ha­si­se the off-ro­ad look. Sup­por­ted by a long roof ed­ge spoi­ler, which al­so flanks the re­ar win­dow, the stee­ply ra­ked D pil­lars of the bo­dy li­ne al­so cre­a­te an ap­pea­ran­ce of for­ward thrust.


The interior con­ti­nues the de­sign e­le­ments of the ex­te­ri­or, sho­wing its kins­hip to the brand's full-si­ze mo­dels.

The ar­chi­tec­tu­re har­mo­ni­ses per­fect­ly with the new di­gi­tal o­pe­ra­ting con­cept. Its cen­tral e­le­ment is the MMI tou­ch dis­play with a hig­hgloss black glass look sur­round. To­get­her with the air con­di­ti­o­ning con­trols un­der­ne­ath, it is til­ted to­ward the dri­ver with all dis­plays, but­tons and con­trols lo­ca­ted er­go­no­mi­cal­ly. The se­ats pro­mi­se com­fort and pro­vi­de a spor­ty dri­ving po­si­ti­on with the s­teer­ing w­heel an­gled ac­cor­dingly.

Com­pa­red with its pre­de­ces­sor, vir­tu­al­ly all di­men­si­ons of the new Au­di Q3 ha­ve been in­cre­a­sed. It is 4 485mm long, 1 849mm wi­de and 1 585mm high. Its w­heel­ba­se, which has been stret­ched by 77mm, is spa­ci­ous yet ex­tre­me­ly ver­sa­ti­le.

As s­tan­dard, the re­ar se­ats can be mo­ved for­ward and back by up to 150mm. Their backre­sts, split three ways 40:20:40, can be til­ted in se­ven con­fi­gu­ra­ti­ons. De­pen­ding on the po­si­ti­on of the re­ar se­ats and backre­sts, the lug­ga­ge com­part­ment ca­pa­ci­ty is be­t­ween 530 and 1 525 lit­res. The lo­a­ding floor can be ad­jus­ted to three le­vels and a par­cel shelf can be sto­wed un­der­ne­ath the floor if not nee­ded. An e­lec­tric tail­ga­te can al­so be o­pe­ned and clo­sed with a kicking mo­ti­on un­der the re­ar bum­per, a­vai­la­ble as an op­ti­on.


The o­pe­ra­ting and dis­play con­cept of the SUV has been com­ple­te­ly re­de­sig­ned and Au­di has do­ne a­way with the a­na­lo­gue in­stru­ments. E­ven the s­tan­dard spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­on mo­del in­clu­des a di­gi­tal in­stru­ment clus­ter with a 10,25" screen di­a­go­nal, which the dri­ver o­pe­ra­tes u­sing the mul­ti-functi­on s­teer­ing w­heel. With the top-of-the-li­ne e­quip­ment MMI na­vi­ga­ti­on, the dis­plays ap­pear in the Au­di's vir­tu­al cock­pit, which al­so of­fers ma­ny ad­di­ti­o­nal functi­ons. The­re is a 10,1" tou­ch dis­play in the midd­le of the dashbo­ard. As an op­ti­on, the dri­ver can choo­se the lar­ger vir­tu­al cock­pit with three dif­fe­rent views, in­clu­ding a new, par­ti­cu­lar­ly spor­ty dis­play. The in­tui­ti­ve o­pe­ra­ting con­cept with its flat me­nu struc­tu­re is sup­ple­men­ted by voi­ce con­t­rol which un­der­stands free­ly struc­tu­red wor­ding. The in­ge­ni­ous di­a­lo­gue ma­na­ger as­ks que­s­ti­ons if ne­ces­sa­ry, al­lows cor­recti­ons, of­fers choi­ces and de­fers to the spea­ker w­hen in­ter­rup­ted.


The top qua­li­ty in­fo­tai­n­ment sy­stem in the Au­di Q3 of­fers the sa­me techni­cal functi­ons as in the hig­her seg­ments. Its da­ta trans­fer mo­du­le sup­ports the LTE Ad­van­ced s­tan­dard with in­te­gra­ted WiFi hots­pot for pas­sen­gers' mo­bi­le de­vi­ces. Of­fro­ad, the per­ma­nent all-w­heel dri­ve pro­mi­ses ex­cel­lent dri­ving ple­a­su­re with op­ti­mum tracti­on and unsha­ke­a­ble sta­bi­li­ty. Acti­va­ted at the push of a but­ton, the op­ti­o­nal hill des­cent con­t­rol will main­tain the pre-set speed on a steep do­wn­hill gra­dient.

The dri­ver can va­ry the cha­rac­te­ris­ti­cs of the Au­di Q3 de­pen­ding on the dri­ving si­tu­a­ti­on, ro­ad con­di­ti­ons or per­so­nal needs. The Au­di dri­ve se­lect dy­n­a­mic hand­ling sy­stem co­mes in six pro­fi­les, va­rying from mar­ked­ly com­for­ta­ble through highly ef­fi­cient to com­ple­te­ly spor­ty dri­ving. The sy­stem al­so in­flu­en­ces the op­ti­o­nal sus­pen­si­on with dam­per con­t­rol, in which sen­sors me­a­su­re mo­vements of the vehi­cle bo­dy.

The dam­pers are then ad­jus­ted to the ro­ad sur­fa­ce con­di­ti­ons and dri­ving si­tu­a­ti­on.

This re­sults in en­han­ced dri­ving dy­n­a­mi­cs with e­ven mo­re com­fort.

Al­ter­na­ti­ve­ly, the­re is a s­port sus­pen­si­on

- s­tan­dard with the

S li­ne e­quip­ment - with tau­ter spring / dam­per tu­ning and pro­gres­si­ve s­teer­ing. Its ra­tio be­co­mes in­cre­a­singly di­rect with in­cre­a­sing s­teer­ing an­gle, ad­ding to a­gi­le ro­ad per­for­man­ce and lig­ht-foo­t­ed hand­ling of the new Q3.


The Q3 is a­vai­la­ble with four en­gi­ne ver­si­ons three pe­trol and one die­sel u­nit - in com­bi­na­ti­on with front-w­heel or quat­tro dri­ve. Their po­wer out­puts ran­ge from 110kW to 169kW. All en­gi­nes are four-cy­lin­der di­rect in­jecti­on u­nits with tur­bo-char­ging for a po­wer­ful, re­fi­ned and ef­fi­cient re­sult. A six-speed ma­nu­al trans­mis­si­on or a fast-shif­ting se­ven-speed S tro­nic trans­mits the po­wer. The in­di­ca­ti­on so far is that we will on­ly get the S tro­nic op­ti­ons lo­cal­ly. We can ex­pect the ar­ri­val of the new Q3 in South A­fri­ca du­ring the second quarter of 2019.The mo­del li­ne-up is still to be con­fir­med, but Au­di SA is look­ing at in­tro­du­cing an en­try mo­del 1,4 TFSI 110kW en­gi­ne with a pos­si­ble 2,0 TFSI 132kW and 2,0 TDI 110kW en­gi­ne as well.

Com­pa­red with its pre­de­ces­sor, vir­tu­al­ly all di­men­si­ons of the new Au­di Q3 ha­ve been in­cre­a­sed.


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