B­lood­hound pro­ject goes in­to ad­mi­nis­tra­ti­on

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The pro­ject to dri­ve a car at o­ver 1 600km has run in­to a fi­nan­ci­al ro­ad­block, with the com­pa­ny be­hind the ven­tu­re going in­to bu­si­ness ad­mi­nis­tra­ti­on. The B­lood­hound su­per­so­nic vehi­cle is all but built, but needs a R5-bil­li­on in­ves­t­ment if it is to bre­ak re­cords on Hak­skeen­pan ne­ar U­ping­ton in South A­fri­ca next y­e­ar.

The ad­mi­nis­tra­tors, FRP Ad­vis­o­ry LLP, ha­ve be­gun talks to res­cue the pro­ject, but it fa­ces being wound up in the ne­ar fu­tu­re. U­sing the sa­me jet techno­lo­gy as the Eu­ro­fig­h­ter Typ­hoon ai­r­craft, B­lood­hound is the most so­phi­sti­ca­ted land speed re­cord car e­ver con­cei­ved.

Po­we­red by a Rolls-Roy­ce jet en­gi­ne bol­ted to a roc­ket, it should e­a­si­ly smash the ex­is­ting wor­ld mark of 1 228km.

But though all the re­se­arch and de­ve­lop­ment is do­ne, with the car ha­ving con­ducted so­me low-speed tri­als, the pro­ject can not mo­ve for­ward wit­hout the ne­ces­sa­ry fun­ding. "We ha­ve a pro­ject that is very much a­li­ve and on the cusp of de­li­ve­ring its go­al, which is ground­b­re­a­king with le­a­ding techno­lo­gy," said Andrew S­he­ri­dan of FRP Ad­vis­o­ry LLP.

"Ho­we­ver, it needs a­round R5-bil­li­on to get it o­ver the li­ne. That now re­qui­res an in­ves­tor, be that a we­althy in­di­vi­du­al or a cor­po­ra­te bo­dy. B­lood­hound is a pri­va­te un­der­ta­king, fun­ded through do­na­ti­ons, spon­sors­hip and part­ners­hips. The last three y­e­ars ha­ve been an espe­ci­al­ly tough en­vi­ron­ment in which to rai­se fi­nan­ci­al sup­port. The in­ves­t­ment lands­ca­pe is dif­fi­cult, in part be­cau­se of B­rex­it un­cer­tain­ty, but prin­ci­pal­ly be­cau­se ma­ny lar­ge brands that mig­ht on­ce ha­ve put their na­me on the si­de of a car to build a­wa­re­ness are now u­sing ot­her mar­ke­ting tools, such as so­ci­al me­dia," said S­he­ri­dan.

B­lood­hound’s e­du­ca­ti­o­nal works­hops will con­ti­nue despi­te the cur­rent fi­nan­ci­al si­tu­a­ti­on.

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