Car es­sen­ti­als for a­ny­ti­me e­mer­gen­cies

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W­het­her your car gets a flat bat­te­ry or bre­aks do­wn on the si­de of the ro­ad, he­re are so­me t­hings you al­ways need to keep with you in the car. C­heck out our list of 20 es­sen­ti­als to ha­ve on hand in any sce­na­rio, plus do­wn­lo­ad our checklist for your own use.

First aid kit

E­very car needs a first aid kit. You can buy a ful­ly pac­ked kit from a re­pu­ta­ble out­let, or as­sem­ble your own. We sug­ge­st you keep one in your car in ca­se of an ac­ci­dent or e­mer­gen­cy. Al­so, keep the de­tails of an am­bu­lan­ce or res­cue ser­vi­ce han­dy or in the kit in ca­se you need it.

S­pa­re ty­re, ty­re jack and ty­re i­ron

E­very car should co­me with a s­pa­re ty­re, ty­re jack and ty­re i­ron, but not e­ver­yo­ne knows how to chan­ge a flat. You could ask your lo­cal de­a­ler to show you w­he­re your s­pa­re is lo­ca­ted, how to use the e­quip­ment and how to chan­ge your ty­re. Al­ways c­heck that the­se tools are in your car and that the s­pa­re is in­fla­ted suf­fi­cient­ly be­fo­re tra­vel­ling.

Ad­ded ex­tra: A mi­ni air com­pres­sor con­nects to your car’s 12V a­dap­ter and can in­fla­te your flat ty­re in se­conds. You can find the­se com­pres­sor con­nec­tors at shops - they may sa­ve you a gre­at de­al of ti­me and ef­fort.

Ty­re pres­su­re gau­ge

A cost-ef­fecti­ve yet im­por­tant ad­di­ti­on to your car’s es­sen­ti­als is a ty­re pres­su­re gau­ge. This way you can test if your ty­res are the cor­rect pres­su­re.

Jum­per ca­bles

Al­ways keep jum­per ca­bles in your car, espe­ci­al­ly in the cool­er se­a­sons w­he­re car bat­te­ries tend to be­co­me s­lig­ht­ly tem­pe­ra­men­tal. Al­ter­na­ti­ve­ly, you can in­vest in a por­ta­ble bat­te­ry char­ger to gi­ve you e­nough char­ge to get to a re­pla­ce­ment cen­t­re.

Car ma­nu­al

Ma­ke su­re you ne­ver lo­se or throw out your car’s ma­nu­al. Keep it sa­fe in your cub­by­ho­le for re­fe­ren­ce w­hen you are not su­re w­hat “that litt­le lig­ht” me­ans.

Car re­pair in­for­ma­ti­on

Your lo­cal de­a­lers­hip, au­to me­cha­nic or to­wing ser­vi­ce num­bers are al­ways es­sen­ti­al. Keep them in your car’s ma­nu­al, or sa­ve the num­bers on your pho­ne. W­hen you join the AA, your mem­bers­hip card is a­vai­la­ble on the AA App, so you will al­ways ha­ve it with you.


B­re­ak­do­wns don’t al­ways hap­pen du­ring the day. From checking an en­gi­ne’s nooks and cran­nies to pro­vi­ding lig­ht for fel­low tra­vel­lers, a flash­lig­ht can be a li­fesa­ver.


Whi­le it may be a gre­at gift, do in­vest in one of the­se a­we­so­me mul­ti-tools for your­self. Not on­ly do they co­me in al­most e­very shape and si­ze, they al­so ma­ke a gre­at re­pla­ce­ment for a tool­box in an e­mer­gen­cy.

Bott­les of wa­ter Re­flecti­ve tri­angle Maps E­ner­gy bars

Keep e­ner­gy bars or snack-ty­pe bars han­dy. If you’re stran­ded, you may get hun­gry. Just re­mem­ber to re­pla­ce the­se of­ten - and c­heck ex­pi­ry da­tes.

Al­ways keep a good sup­ply of wa­ter in your car. This could be han­dy for an o­ver­he­a­ting car or to keep you hy­dra­ted whi­le you wait for ro­ad­s­i­de as­sis­tan­ce.

Not on­ly is it com­pul­so­ry to ha­ve one in your car in South A­fri­ca, but it’s ab­so­lu­te­ly ne­ces­sa­ry for sa­fe­ty. In the e­vent of a bre­ak-do­wn on the si­de of the ro­ad, this will in­cre­a­se your car’s vi­si­bi­li­ty to ot­hers.

We’re all de­pen­dent on either our pho­nes or GPS de­vi­ces to help us find our way. But do keep a map book han­dy in ca­se your GPS bat­te­ry dies, lo­ses sig­nal or your pho­ne bat­te­ry goes flat, so you can still na­vi­ga­te.

Hand to­wel

If you need to re­pla­ce a ty­re or po­ke a­round un­der your car’s hood, ma­ke su­re you ha­ve so­mething to wipe your hands on. You can al­so re­pla­ce the to­wel with a pair of u­ti­li­ty glo­ves for e­a­se of use. Add so­me wa­ter­less hand sa­ni­ti­ser or wa­ter­less cle­an­ser to en­su­re cle­an hands.

Tis­sue pa­per

For spills, mes­ses or w­hen na­tu­re calls and the­re’s no rest stop ne­ar­by, keep a roll of toi­let pa­per in your cub­by­ho­le.

No­te­book and pen­cil

Al­ways keep a pen­cil and no­te­book in your car. You ne­ver know w­hen you will need to ta­ke do­wn so­meo­ne’s de­tails or gi­ve yours out.


An um­brel­la is al­ways han­dy. W­het­her to keep dry or to keep the sun out of your fa­ce, be pre­pa­red.

S­pa­re chan­ge

Ha­ve so­me chan­ge or e­mer­gen­cy mo­ney in ca­se you need that cash and you’re not ne­ar an ATM.


It co­mes in han­dy, not just for keeping warm in e­mer­gen­cies, but al­so at the park, sports sta­di­um, or e­ven an im­promp­tu pi­cnic.

Chan­ge of clot­hes

If you get dren­ched in rain, mud, or snow, it’s no good to sit a­round li­ke that. Keep a chan­ge of clot­hes han­dy.

USB mo­bi­le char­ger

If your car al­lows for one, al­ways keep it han­dy in ca­se you need to be on the pho­ne du­ring an e­mer­gen­cy.

The­se are not all the i­tems nee­ded in a car, but they may help you w­hen you are stuck in an e­mer­gen­cy or co­me a­cross an ac­ci­dent. The AA pro­vi­des e­mer­gen­cy ro­ad­s­i­de as­sis­tan­ce, se­cu­ri­ty and bre­ak-do­wn ser­vi­ces for mem­bers.

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