South A­fri­cans shi­ne brig­ht

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The Bin­der brot­hers Dar­ryn and Brad both sco­red good po­si­ti­ons in the re­cent Ja­pa­ne­se Mo­toGP at Mo­te­gi. This ti­me out, young­ster Dar­ryn (Red Bull KTM Ajo) sco­red his first po­di­um pla­ce in the ul­tra-com­pe­ti­ti­ve Mo­to3 ra­ce.

The South A­fri­can led the ra­ce in the clo­sing lap, but got the very last cor­ner s­lig­ht­ly wrong and was swam­ped by Mar­co Bez­zec­chi (Re­dox Pru­e­stelGP) and Lo­ren­zo Dal­la Por­ta (Le­o­pard Ra­cing), who took the first and se­cond pla­ces.

Though de­lig­h­ted with his po­di­um, Bin­der said he was dis­gus­ted with his mis­ta­ke in the fi­nal cor­ner. Ol­der brot­her Brad took his Red Bull KTM Ajo to fifth pla­ce in the Mo­to2 ra­ce, w­hi­le fel­low South A­fri­can S­te­ven O­den­daal fi­nis­hed 19th in his NTS.

Brad and Dar­ryn Bin­der du­ring the Va­len­cia test days e­ar­lier this y­e­ar.

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