Two athle­tes join Pa­na­me­ra fa­mi­ly

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Porsche has ad­ded two spor­ty mo­dels to its luxu­ry sa­loon se­ries - the Pa­na­me­ra GTS and GTS S­port Tu­ris­mo.

With a po­wer­ful per­for­man­ce, ex­tra-dy­n­a­mic chas­sis sy­s­tems in­clu­ding three-c­ham­ber air sus­pen­si­on and their own u­ni­que de­sign e­le­ments and e­quip­ment, the Pa­na­me­ras har­ness a one-of-a-kind per­for­man­ce set.

The s­port de­sign packa­ge with black ex­te­ri­or e­le­ments and lar­ge Al­can­ta­ra sur­fa­ces in­si­de, co­mes as stan­dard.

In ad­di­ti­on, Porsche has ex­pan­ded its port­fo­lio of com­fort and as­sis­tan­ce sy­s­tems to in­clu­de a he­ads-up dis­play with va­ri­ous con­fi­gu­ra­ti­on op­ti­ons for the ran­ge.

At the he­art of both mo­dels is a four-lit­re, V8 bi-tur­bo en­gi­ne with 338kW of out­put and max­i­mum tor­que of 620Nm, cul­ti­va­ting an e­mo­ti­o­nal sound and dri­ving ex­pe­rien­ce in com­bi­na­ti­on with the stan­dard s­ports exhaust sy­stem. The en­gi­ne out­per­forms its pre­de­ces­sor by 15kW and 100Nm. Acce­le­ra­ti­on from 0 to 100km ta­kes 4,1 se­conds with the stan­dard S­port Chro­no packa­ge.

The Pa­na­me­ra GTS has an of­fi­ci­al top speed of 292km, w­hi­le the Pa­na­me­ra GTS S­port Tu­ris­mo re­a­ches up to 289km.

The­re are no in­ter­rup­ti­ons in tracti­ve for­ce as po­wer is trans­mit­ted to the Porsche Tracti­on Ma­na­ge­ment, all-w­heel dri­ve sy­stem by the eig­ht-speed PDK du­al clutch ge­ar­box.

Despi­te tho­se per­for­man­ce cre­den­ti­als, the Pa­na­me­ra GTS has an of­fi­ci­al fu­el con­sump­ti­on fi­gu­re of 10,3 lit­res per 100km and the S­port Tu­ris­mo 10,6 lit­res per 100km. The new GTS mo­dels are a­vai­la­ble for or­de­ring.

Pa­na­me­ra GTS S­port Tu­ris­mo

The two athle­tes

Dri­ver’s en­vi­ron­ment in the GTS

Pa­na­me­ra GTS 4,0 lit­re, V8 bi­tur­bo en­gi­ne

In­te­ri­or of the GTS mo­del

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