Pop-up cam­per tows li­ke a s­ports car

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The iCamp from Dutch com­pa­ny Udo Camp ri­des to the camp­ground as a flat trai­ler with a re­ar-end that looks li­ke it be­longs on a s­ports cou­pé.

At the camp­si­te, the e­lec­tric pop-top quick­ly sheds any re­sem­blan­ce to a car, ri­sing in­to a 2,4-me­t­re shel­ter that sleeps and feeds up to four pe­op­le. Mul­ti­functi­o­nal e­quip­ment throug­hout cre­a­tes a com­for­ta­ble, ver­sa­ti­le spa­ce for cam­ping and tra­vel.

The trai­ler is su­re to turn he­ads from the ti­me it rolls out in­to the s­treet. The re­ar is qui­te cle­ar­ly in­spi­red by pas­sen­ger cars, cur­va­ce­ous with wra­pa­round tail­lig­hts, a cen­tral bad­ge and the out­li­ne of a 60-lit­re trunk. Be­low, the­re's a cle­ar­ly cut bum­per a­rea and e­ven so­me con­trast bo­dy­work that re­sem­bles a re­ar dif­fu­ser.

It was in­tro­du­ced re­cent­ly at the D­üs­sel­dorf Ca­ra­van Sa­lon.

On­ce set up, the iCamp is qui­te boxy in its cam­per form. The length of the slen­der 4,4-me­t­re bo­dy e­li­mi­na­tes the need for the ex­ten­si­on rooms seen on ma­ny pop-up trai­lers, al­lo­wing the walls to ri­se straig­ht up and cre­a­te a lar­ge li­ving box with 2 me­tres of stan­ding room in­si­de.

The iCamp roof is e­lec­tri­cal­ly acti­va­ted, ri­sing in­to form in un­der 30 se­conds at the push of a re­mo­te con­t­rol but­ton. Fi­nal set-up en­tails drop­ping do­wn the in­te­ri­or ca­bi­nets ne­ar the cei­ling and ar­ran­ging the in­te­ri­or fur­ni­tu­re and cus­hi­ons as de­si­red for day or nig­ht.

On­ce in­si­de, cam­pers can let lig­ht and bree­ze in. Fa­bric pa­nels on the en­tran­ce wall roll up to le­a­ve the en­ti­re front com­ple­te­ly o­pen or co­ve­r­ed on­ly by mosqui­to net­ting. Lar­ge screen win­dows on e­very ot­her si­de furt­her in­cre­a­se ven­ti­la­ti­on, as does the air-per­me­a­ble but we­at­her­p­roof fa­bric. In bad we­at­her, cam­pers can bat­ten do­wn the ha­t­ches, en­su­ring the en­ti­re spa­ce is pro­tected by fa­bric.

The iCamp in­te­ri­or looks sim­ple but com­fy, fil­led out with a 6+2 se­a­ting ar­ran­ge­ment with a main wra­pa­round so­fa and a day bed. The so­fa sweeps a­round the two-pa­nel ta­ble pro­vi­ding plen­ty of spa­ce to eat, work, chat or play ga­mes. At nig­ht, the ta­ble­tops drop do­wn to ser­ve as part of the con­ver­ti­ble 162cm x 200cm bed, sleep­ing two a­dults. The lon­gi­tu­di­nal bed o­rien­ta­ti­on lets e­ach sleep­er get up in­di­vi­du­al­ly.

The ot­her si­de of the tent hou­ses a se­cond bed me­a­su­ring up to 197cm x 110cm, with a litt­le ex­tra length on one si­de.

Udo says the se­cond bed is be­st for an a­dult and child or two child­ren, ma­king the iCamp per­fect­ly sui­ted for a fa­mi­ly of four. Ad­ding to the spa­ci­ous feel of the in­te­ri­or is the lack of a stan­da­lo­ne kit­chen block. Inste­ad, the cle­ver ind­oor / out­door kit­chen is set be­low the front cus­hi­ons on the se­cond bed. Lift the­se cus­hi­ons and the kit­chen lids and you can cook in­si­de. You can al­so s­li­de the kit­chen out through the ex­ter­nal ha­tch, sup­port it with a drop-do­wn leg and cook out­si­de. Kit­chen e­quip­ment in­clu­des a four-bur­ner gas sto­ve, sink with 12V pump-fed tap and 40-lit­re com­pres­sor cool box.

The kit­chen's s­li­de-out ca­pa­bi­li­ty al­lows ea­sy access to food and kit­chen e­quip­ment wit­hout ha­ving to e­rect the en­ti­re cam­per.

The iCamp in­clu­des an on-bo­ard 50-Ah 12V bat­te­ry, trickle char­ger, 20-A 230V in­ver­ter and a se­ries of 230V out­lets and USB ports. Two in­te­ri­or LED lig­hts and an ex­te­ri­or kit­chen a­rea LED keep t­hings well lit w­hen the sun g­oes do­wn.

With an emp­ty weig­ht of 538kg which ex­clu­des the sto­ve, frid­ge and cus­hi­ons, the iCamp can be to­wed by a lot of vehi­cles, not just big, po­wer­ful trucks and SUVs.

Udo says it's lig­ht e­nough to be pul­led and po­si­ti­o­ned by hand be­fo­re it's hit­ched on­to the tow vehi­cle. The to­tal pay­lo­ad is 212kg, put­ting gross vehi­cle weig­ht ra­ting at 750kg.

The iCamp starts at R219 800 and ex­tras in­clu­de a front a­w­ning with a­vai­la­ble si­de­walls and floor, an e­lec­tric he­a­ter, ex­tra stora­ge ca­bi­nets and a bi­ke car­rier.

The length of the slen­der4,4-me­t­re bo­dy e­li­mi­na­tes the need for the ex­ten­si­on rooms seen on ma­ny pop-up trai­lers, al­lo­wing the walls to ri­se straig­ht up and cre­a­te a lar­ge li­ving box with 2 me­tres of stan­ding room in­si­de.

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