A sim­ple list to help get your car sum­mer re­a­dy

Al­ways check bat­te­ry, oil, fluid and ty­res

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Sum­mer is ne­ar­ly he­re and with it co­mes the braai, bron­zed bo­dies and hot sum­mer days.

This me­ans mo­re ro­ad trips - to your fa­vou­ri­te pi­cnic spot, the wi­ne­lands or a la­zy sum­mer ge­ta­way. It al­so me­ans you need to ma­ke su­re your car is up for the c­hal­len­ge it fa­ces.

W­hat should you do to get your car sum­mer­re­a­dy?

Start by shed­ding the ex­tra weig­ht we all pick up du­ring the long, cold win­ter, ad­vi­ses Wes­ley Procter, ge­ne­ral ma­na­ger at car re­tailer ge­tWorth.

By weig­ht, he is re­fer­ring to clut­ter. “Get rid of a­ny­thing that doe­sn’t need to be in your car, es­pe­ci­al­ly old re­ceipts, ta­ke-a­way con­tai­ners, emp­ty cof­fee cups and a­ny­thing that may ha­ve fal­len be­t­ween the se­ats,” he says.

Procter al­so shares a few ot­her tips that will e­na­ble you to ta­ke full ad­van­ta­ge of tho­se sum­mer trips you are plan­ning.

Ma­ke su­re you don’t get an u­nex­pected sur­pri­se on the ro­ad this sum­mer:


Check the da­te on your bat­te­ry. If it is mo­re than three y­e­ars old, get it tes­ted. The he­at can be as da­ma­ging to a bat­te­ry as ex­tre­me­ly cold tem­pe­ra­tu­res.


Most new cars will not be af­fected, but if you are dri­ving an ol­der car with sig­ni­fi­cant mi­lea­ge on the clock, you mig­ht want to check w­het­her your car will re­qui­re a he­a­vier or thic­ker oil due to hig­her tem­pe­ra­tu­res re­qui­ring a hig­her oil weig­ht or vis­co­si­ty.


Ma­ny of the fluids in a car pre­vent o­ver­he­a­ting. Ask a me­cha­nic to test the ra­di­a­tor’s an­tif­ree­ze to check if it needs re­pla­cing.

Al­so ha­ve the ho­ses chec­ked for any le­aks. The cool­ant le­vels you can check your­self – just look at the le­vel of the see-through o­ver­flow bott­le. At the sa­me ti­me, top up the win­dow was­her li­quid and check that wiper bla­des a­ren’t worn.


The he­at can be as da­ma­ging to ty­res as the cold. Check for any we­ar and te­ar, snags or nails and en­s­u­re the ty­re tre­ad com­plies with the le­gal mi­ni­mum tre­ad depth. Dri­ving ty­res that are un­der-in­fla­ted in­cre­a­ses the chan­ce of a blo­wout, es­pe­ci­al­ly w­hen tem­pe­ra­tu­res are high. Check the ty­re pres­su­re at le­ast on­ce a month and re­mem­ber to check them w­hi­le they are cold.


Procter points out that the­re are a few t­hings you shouldn’t keep in your car du­ring sum­mer. “The­se can in­clu­de cer­tain me­di­ci­nes which lo­se their ef­fi­ca­cy if ex­po­sed to he­at,” he says.

He adds that if you’re a cy­clist or ha­ve a pram with pneu­ma­tic ty­res, to ta­ke ca­re to keep them cool in a hot car. High tem­pe­ra­tu­res can cau­se the air in­si­de the ty­re to ex­pand, which can re­sult in a blo­wout. High he­at can al­so cau­se the rub­ber to we­a­ken, cau­sing a flat ty­re.

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