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De­pu­ty te­am prin­ci­pal Clai­re Wil­li­ams an­noun­ced that 20-y­e­ar-old En­g­lish­man Ge­or­ge Rus­sell has sig­ned for the Wil­li­ams te­am in 2019. He will be on the grid in Mel­bour­ne for his F1 de­but at the Aus­tra­li­an Grand P­rix.

Rus­sell ar­ri­ves at Wil­li­ams with an im­pres­si­ve re­su­me, ha­ving won the 2014 For­mu­la 4 C­ham­pi­ons­hip in his first y­e­ar and al­so be­co­ming the M­cLa­ren Au­to­s­port

A­ward win­ner. Mo­ving to the Eu­ro­pe­an For­mu­la 3 C­ham­pi­ons­hip for two y­e­ars, he went on to win the 2017 c­ham­pi­ons­hip in his rook­ie y­e­ar.

T­his y­e­ar he joi­ned the FIA For­mu­la 2 c­ham­pi­ons­hip, which he cur­rent­ly le­ads.

Ad­ded to all t­his, him being a test and re­ser­ve dri­ver for Mer­ce­des ma­kes it e­a­sy to un­der­stand the te­am's ex­ci­te­ment at sig­ning up t­his young ta­lent.

The num­ber of se­ats left for the co­ming se­a­son has nar­ro­wed with t­his ap­point­ment - the­re are on­ly three te­ams yet to an­noun­ce their full dri­ver li­ne-ups.

M­cLa­ren has con­fir­med rook­ies Car­los Sai­nz and Lan­do Nor­ris will com­ple­te their li­neup for 2019, re­pla­cing Fer­nan­do Alon­so and S­tof­fel Van­door­ne, who is mo­ving to For­mu­la E.

Wil­li­ams now has one se­at left to be occu­pied, de­pen­ding on cur-rent te­am dri­ver Lan­ce S­troll's pre­dicted mo­ve to For­ce In­dia.

The can­di­da­tes are pre­sent te­am mem­ber Ser­gey Si­rot­kin, re­ser­ve dri­ver Ro­bert Ku­bi­ca, Ar­tem Mar­ke­lov, cur­rent test dri­ver for Re­nault, or Este­ban O­con, the dri­ver most li­ke­ly to be drop­ped from the For­ce In­dia li­ne-up.

O­con is a fa­vou­ri­te with t­ho­se who be­lie­ve he would be a dri­ver who could as­sist in de­ve­lo­ping the new ge­ne­ra­ti­on Wil­li­ams te­am.

The Hon­da-po­we­red Toro Ros­so E­qui­pe still has a va­cant se­at a­vai­la­ble, af­ter the re­turn to F1 of Rus­si­an Da­niil K­vy­at.

The FIA has con­fir­med the 2019 F1 se­a­son will con­sist of 21 ra­ces.

17 March: Aus­tra­lia 31 March: Bahrain 14 A­pril: C­hi­na

28 A­pril: A­zer­bai­jan 12 May: S­pain

26 May: Mo­na­co 9 Ju­ne: Ca­na­da 23 Ju­ne: Fran­ce 30 Ju­ne: Aus­tria 14 Ju­ly: Gre­at B­ri­tain 28 Ju­ly: Ger­ma­ny 4 Au­gust: Hun­ga­ry 1 Sep­tem­ber: Bel­gi­um 8 Sep­tem­ber: I­ta­ly 22 Sep­tem­ber: Sin­ga­po­re 29 Sep­tem­ber: Rus­sia 13 Oc­to­ber: Ja­pan

27 Oc­to­ber: Mex­i­co 3 No­vem­ber: US 17 No­vem­ber: Bra­zil

1 Dec: Abu D­ha­bi

Ge­or­ge Rus­sell ce­le­bra­ting success in For­mu­la 2 in Au­gust at Spa-Fran­cor­champs, Bel­gi­um.

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