Me­a­ning be­hind the Te­sla lo­go

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If you want an e­lec­tric car t­hat doe­sn’t look li­ke so­mething Mr Be­an would dri­ve, you ha­ve to go with a sleek-and-sexy Te­sla. Sin­ce 2003, Elon Musk has chan­ged how we’ve vie­wed e­lec­tric vehi­cles.

Ex­plai­ning the lo­go is not too dif­fi­cult: the com­pa­ny’s na­me is a tri­bu­te to fa­med e­lec­tri­cal en­gi­neer, phy­si­cist and s­cien­tist Ni­ko­la Te­sla.

So­me pe­op­le as­su­me the T re­pre­sents a Te­sla Coil. Ho­we­ver, bil­li­o­nai­re o­w­ner Elon Musk put the re­cord straig­ht w­hen he re­p­lied to a que­s­ti­on last y­e­ar on T­wit­ter. “Si­mi­lar to S­pa­ceX, the T is li­ke a cross-secti­on of an e­lec­tric mo­tor, just as the X is li­ke a roc­ket tra­jec­to­ry.”

With pro­ducti­on fi­nal­ly get­ting on track on the bud­get-friend­ly Mo­del 3, the Te­sla lo­go is li­ke­ly to be­co­me mo­re re­cog­ni­sa­ble.

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