Au­di starts die­sel re­calls in Ger­ma­ny

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Au­di will be­gin the first of eig­ht re­calls for cars with die­sel en­gi­nes in Ger­ma­ny. Fol­lo­wing ap­pro­val by the Fe­de­ral Of­fi­ce for Mo­tor Traf­fic (KBA), the com­pa­ny will i­ni­ti­al­ly be re­cal­ling a­round 31 200 vehi­cles to works­hops. In to­tal, a­round 151 000 midsi­ze and full-si­ze cars in Ger­ma­ny are af­fected by the eig­ht re­call no­ti­ces.

“Our com­mit­ment is and re­mains to de­al with the die­sel cri­sis con­sis­tent­ly and ful­ly,” says Bernd Mar­tens, Au­di bo­ard mem­ber for pro­cu­re­ment and IT as well as he­ad of the in­ter­nal task for­ce for de­a­ling with the die­sel cri­sis.

“Af­ter de­tailed techni­cal a­na­ly­sis we can now of­fer spe­ci­fic so­lu­ti­ons to ful­ly meet the techni­cal re­qui­re­ments of the Fe­de­ral Of­fi­ce for Mo­tor Traf­fic. T­hat way we aim to streng­then our cu­s­to­mers’ trust.”

In the first wa­ve, Au­di A6 and Au­di A7 S­port­back mo­dels will be re­cal­led in Ger­ma­ny. T­his in­vol­ves 31 200 vehi­cles po­we­red by a 3,0 TDI en­gi­ne with an out­put of 200kW from the mo­del y­e­ars 2015 to 2018.

A soft­wa­re mo­du­le will be re­mo­ved from the en­gi­ne ma­na­ge­ment sy­stem as part of the re­call.

T­his up­da­te is free of char­ge for Au­di cu­s­to­mers and will not ad­ver­se­ly af­fect fu­el con­sump­ti­on, CO2 e­mis­si­on fi­gu­res, en­gi­ne out­put, max­i­mum tor­que, noi­se e­mis­si­ons or the du­ra­bi­li­ty of the en­gi­ne and the exhaust af­ter-tre­at­ment sy­stem.

T­his soft­wa­re up­da­te is a man­da­to­ry re­call. Au­di will con­tact all af­fected vehi­cle o­w­ners in Ger­ma­ny to re­quest t­hat they con­tact their works­hop part­ner or de­a­ler.

The ot­her re­calls will al­so start im­me­di­a­te­ly af­ter ap­pro­val by the fe­de­ral aut­ho­ri­ties of Au­di’s pro­po­sals on the de­tails.

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