Per­so­nal mo­bi­li­ty gets a boost

Af­for­da­ble mo­to­ring is part of the South A­fri­can dre­am. Dat­sun has broug­ht it clo­ser thanks to its GO and GO+ which now bo­ast im­pro­ved sa­fe­ty fe­a­tu­res.

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Dat­sun told us t­hey we­re ex­ci­ted to launch the new Dat­sun GO and GO+ mo­dels and the mo­to­ring scri­bes of South A­fri­ca we­re li­ke­wi­se very cu­ri­ous to see how the new mo­dels would fa­re af­ter so­me sca­thing cri­ti­cism on pas­sen­ger and dri­ver sa­fe­ty of the first ge­ne­ra­ti­on car.

O­pi­ni­ons we­re di­vi­ded be­t­ween tho­se who sup­por­ted the lon­ging for new w­heels and tho­se who stres­sed that sa­fe­ty trumps e­very ot­her de­si­re.

The fact re­mains that cars are ex­pen­si­ve and that pri­ce ru­les - so the Dat­sun GO quick­ly went up the sa­les charts to be­co­me one of the top ten.

Au­to­de­a­ler’s re­a­ders may find it in­te­res­ting to know that I ha­ve had ma­ny con­ver­sa­ti­ons with the­se o­w­ners w­her­e­ver t­hey could be found. To a man (and wo­man) t­hey we­re all de­lig­h­ted with their pur­cha­se.

So to le­ad with the con­clu­si­on - it is pro­ba­bly the buy­er’s c­hoi­ce, pro­vi­ded an in­for­med de­ci­si­on is ma­de.

But the re­al­ly good news is that the new Dat­sun GO has step­ped up dra­ma­ti­cal­ly. The ma­nu­fac­tu­rer has hee­ded the mar­ket and the new mo­dels now ha­ve an an­ti-locking bra­ke sy­stem and dri­ver ai­r­bag.

“Our new Dat­sun GO and GO+ re­pre­sent a new ex­pe­rien­ce for con­su­mers. With its fresh looks, mo­dern fe­a­tu­res and ad­van­ced techno­lo­gies, the new Dat­sun vehi­cles are ma­de for pro­gres­si­ve, am­bi­ti­ous cu­s­to­mers with a sen­se of sty­le,” said Nis­san SA mar­ke­ting di­rec­tor, Ka­be­lo Ra­botho.

The cheeky mo­dern looks of the vehi­cle me­ans it will stand out in a cro­wd and in­si­de the­re are smart fe­a­tu­res u­su­al­ly found in mo­re ex­pen­si­ve vehi­cles.

Mo­re­o­ver, the GO and GO+ mo­dels ha­ve a low cost of o­w­ners­hip thanks to parts af­for­da­bi­li­ty as me­a­su­re an­nu­al­ly by lo­cal gu­ru Mal­colm Kin­sey.

The GO has a re­de­sig­ned front gril­le and bum­pers and is po­we­red by a wil­ling 1,2-lit­re petrol en­gi­ne that pro­du­ces 50kW at 5 000rpm and 104Nm at 4 000rpm pai­red with a smooth 5-speed ma­nu­al trans­mis­si­on.

The GO has re­spon­si­ve s­teer­ing thanks to an e­lec­tric sy­stem which cal­cu­la­tes the a­mount of as­sis­tan­ce re­qui­red ba­sed on vehi­cle speed to of­fer lig­ht s­teer­ing ef­fort at low speed and firm s­teer­ing ef­fort at high speed. The e­a­se of dri­ving was no­ti­ce­a­ble du­ring the se­da­te mor­ning traf­fic dri­ve as well as on the mo­tor­way w­he­re, the Dat­sun was com­for­ta­ble and qui­et despi­te so­me bad Gau­teng ro­ads.

The Dat­sun GO has a class-le­a­ding tur­ning ci­r­cle of just 4,6m, which is per­fect for ci­ty dri­ving.

S­tan­dard spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­on in­clu­des co­lou­red e­lec­tric si­de mir­rors, re­ver­se par­king sen­sors, in­ter­mit­tent wipers, cen­tral locking, an im­mo­bi­li­ser, ABS, dri­ver and pas­sen­ger ai­r­bags, and re­trac­ta­ble se­at­belts, whi­le the LUX gra­de be­ne­fits from day­ti­me run­ning lig­hts, a re­ar wiper with was­her and bo­dy co­lour door hand­les.

Cu­sto­mi­sing is e­a­sy thanks to se­ver­al new Dat­sun ap­pro­ved acces­so­ries for per­for­man­ce, du­ra­bi­li­ty, qua­li­ty and sup­port. For e­ven bet­ter looks the­re is e­ver­y­thing from 15” al­loys to roof spoi­lers and mo­re.

The new Dat­sun GO be­ne­fits from im­pres­si­ve of­fi­ci­al fu­el con­sump­ti­on fi­gu­res from the 1,2-lit­re en­gi­ne, which has a com­bi­ned con­sump­ti­on of 5,2 lit­res per 100km. The Dat­sun GO co­mes with a s­tan­dard three y­e­ar or 100 000km war­ran­ty and an op­ti­o­nal ser­vi­ce plan. In ad­di­ti­on, con­su­mers will re­cei­ve one y­e­ar’s in­su­ran­ce with the pur­cha­se. P­ri­cing are as fol­lows: Dat­sun GO Mid S­pec - R144 500 and Dat­sun GO Lux S­pec - R165 500.

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