Ford’s E­coS­port pro­ves its mett­le

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Af­for­da­ble with a high le­vel of spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­ons, the new Am­bien­te 1,5 Ti-VCT mo­del is ex­pected to rai­se the sta­kes for Ford a­mong p­ri­ce-con­s­ci­ous buy­ers.

The Ford E­coS­port is pro­ving its mett­le in sa­les in the com­pact sport u­ti­li­ty ve­hi­cle (SUV) seg­ment and the la­test mo­del rai­sed the sta­kes furt­her w­hen it was laun­ched in Ju­ne this y­e­ar.

Ford is now ma­king the E­coS­port a­vai­la­ble to a wi­der ran­ge of p­ri­ce-con­s­ci­ous buy­ers with the in­tro­ducti­on of a new en­try-le­vel pe­trol-po­we­red mo­del - the

1,5 Ti-VCT Am­bien­te.

The 1,5 Ti-VCT Am­bien­te is now the most af­for­da­ble of­fe­ring in the ran­ge, fol­lo­wed by the 1,5 TDCi Am­bien­te which shares the sa­me stan­dard spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­on, al­ong with the fi­ve-speed ma­nu­al ge­ar­box. The a­ward-win­ning 1,0 E­coBoost en­gi­ne po­wers the mid-se­ries T­rend and ran­ge-top­ping Ti­ta­ni­um mo­dels that are a­vai­la­ble with a c­hoi­ce of six-speed ma­nu­al or au­to­ma­tic trans­mis­si­ons.

Po­we­ring the new ad­di­ti­on to the E­coS­port ran­ge is a li­ve­ly 1,5-lit­re Ti-VCT three cy­lin­der pe­trol en­gi­ne that re­cent­ly ma­de its de­but in the re­fres­hed Ford Fi­go li­neup. This ad­van­ced la­test-ge­ne­ra­ti­on u­nit is po­wer­ful, ef­fi­cient and c­le­an and u­ses an alu­mi­ni­um en­gi­ne block and cy­lin­der he­ad for re­du­ced weig­ht.

It al­so re­lies on twin in­de­pen­dent va­ri­a­ble camshaft ti­ming (Ti-VCT) for the four val­ves per cy­lin­der en­gi­ne to de­li­ver im­pro­ved lo­w­do­wn tor­que as well as top-end po­wer.

The fit­ment of a du­al-s­ta­ge va­ri­a­ble oil pump furt­her en­han­ces ef­fi­cien­cy, whi­le re­du­cing fu­el con­sump­ti­on and e­mis­si­ons.

The 1,5 Ti-VCT en­gi­ne is cre­di­ted with a max­i­mum po­wer out­put of 91kW and peak tor­que of 150Nm, con­tri­bu­ting to­wards g­re­at all-round d­ri­ving dy­n­a­mi­cs, fu­el e­co­nomy and low run­ning cos­ts.


Despi­te the new E­coS­port 1,5 Am­bien­te being po­si­ti­o­ned as the en­try-le­vel mo­del in the ran­ge, it is e­quip­ped with an out­stan­ding le­vel of fe­a­tu­res. The sa­fe­ty packa­ge in­cor­po­ra­tes e­lec­tro­nic sta­bi­li­ty con­t­rol, six ai­r­bags, I­so­fix c­hild se­at moun­ting points, re­ar par­king sen­sors and ma­nu­al­ly acti­va­ted “fol­low-me-ho­me” he­ad­lamps.

E­lec­tric win­dows are fit­ted all round, al­ong with re­mo­te cen­tral locking, a pe­ri­me­ter a­larm, po­wer he­a­ted si­de mir­rors, ai­r­con­di­ti­o­ning and a tow bar prep pack that e­na­bles e­a­sy de­a­ler fit­ment of the op­ti­o­nal tow bar.

A six-spea­ker Ford au­dio sy­stem is pro­vi­ded, lin­ked to con­nect with Blu­e­tooth and Voi­ce Acti­va­ti­on. The in­stru­ment clus­ter in­cor­po­ra­tes a trip com­pu­ter and an E­coMo­de c­hoi­ce that as­sis­ts the dri­ver to a­chie­ve op­ti­mal fu­el e­co­nomy.


Pricing in­clu­des Ford Pro­tect which com­pri­ses a four y­e­ar or 120 000km com­pre­hen­si­ve war­ran­ty, three y­e­ar un­li­mi­ted dis­tan­ce ro­ad­s­i­de as­sis­tan­ce and a fi­ve y­e­ar or un­li­mi­ted ki­lo­me­t­re cor­ro­si­on war­ran­ty. A four y­e­ar or 60 000km ser­vi­ce plan is in­clu­ded. Ser­vi­ce in­ter­vals are at e­very 15 000km.

Ford E­coS­port re­com­men­ded re­tail pri­ces are: 1,5 Ti-VCT Am­bien­te 5MT - R254 950; 1,5 TDCi Am­bien­te 5MT - R267 500; 1,0 E­coBoost T­rend 6MT - R293 500; 1,0 E­coBoost T­rend 6AT R306 900; 1,0 E­coBoost Ti­ta­ni­um 6MT - R334 500 and 1,0 E­coBoost Ti­ta­ni­um 6AT - R346 900.

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